Beaverton police to implement red light enforcement once again



Red light enforcement cameras are implemented at am intersection.

Starting September 15th, the Beaverton Police Department will be implementing their red light photo enforcement once again at the intersections of Beaverton Hillsdale Highway/Griffith Drive, Allen Boulevard/Lombard Avenue, Hall Boulevard/Scholls Ferry Road, and Cedar Hills Boulevard/Walker Road.

For this new implementation of the cameras, September 15th through October 15th, people photographed in the intersection will only receive a warning citation. After October 15th, drivers who exceed the speed limit through the intersection on a yellow, drive through the light on a red, or turn right on red without stopping, will be issued a $382 fine.

A BHS student said, “With the fines I’ve heard about and received, I think it’s a pretty standard ticket.”

I have driven through all of these intersections multiple times and I have never received a citation from the cameras. However, I have been there for others getting their photos taken, and was involved in one of those photos, although I never received a citation.

This may be a good thing for BHS teens. As new drivers, teens often make more mistakes out on the road and are more likely to be caught and cited by this new system. While these cameras are only being implemented at target intersections, many of the teens at Beaverton High School will pass through them on their way to school.

BHS teen drivers should still be cautious and courteous when driving anywhere. One BHS student said, “I don’t want to say I’m a bad driver, but I don’t want to run a red light, so I will speed up a little bit to get through the intersection.”

Many teens will be impacted by these new implementations, but the most important thing about these new camera rules is knowing what they are and how teens can change their driving habits for the better, and be safer on the road, without the danger of receiving one of these expensive fines.