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The Official Website of Beaverton High School's Student-Run Newspaper

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The Official Website of Beaverton High School's Student-Run Newspaper

Beaverton Hummer


A protester holds up a sign in front of the Georgia capitol building. A recently passed bill has drawn mixed reactions, with proponents saying it makes it easier to vote and critics saying the opposite.

Controversial voting laws in Georgia: What does that mean?

David Davis May 18, 2021

After widespread, but unfounded, allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election, several southern states are considering new voting laws that many opponents say will make it harder to vote.  In Georgia,...

Then-presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr. speaks at an event. Incumbent President Donald J. Trump has mounted numerous legal challenges against Bidens victory.

The Electoral College and what it means for 2021

David Davis January 8, 2021

A new chapter in the United States began with the election of Joe Biden. It looked like a fresh start, one that would bring change and relief to a country struggling with a pandemic. That is, until...

Books lean against a laptop featuring Netflix shows.

The Hummer’s summer picks

Summer is the perfect time to unwind, relax, and enjoy the plentiful weather and time with friends. But the pandemic has cut down on outdoor and group activities, leaving many people bored at home....

A girl types and walks on a treadmill.

Ten types of exercise to shoot your mood to the skies

Natalie Foote May 14, 2020

At this point in quarantine, time is an illusion. The structured days that many have been accustomed to are gone, and with them, productivity. But not all hope is lost: exercise can add structure to your...

A woman drinks water out of a glass. Hydration has many important benefits that are often overlooked.

Don’t be late to hydrate

Natalie Foote May 2, 2020

It tastes like nothing, but a specific flavor of nothing. You can’t go more than three days without it, and you're made of between 55-75% of this. What is it? Water! This beverage is often overlooked...

Some of the many amazing shows available on Netflix.

Top Netflix picks, quarantine edition

Cassidy Ochoa April 30, 2020

We’re shut in, tucked away from the world in our own little pockets we call home. Our realities are separated, leaving time for everyone to try new things or get in a bit of relaxing. But even with people...

A cat rests on a cat tree after a long day of sleeping.

Cats can get high, too

Natalie Foote April 29, 2020

Catnip has been around since medieval times, when it was adored by both cats and humans and used in herbal medicines and cooking. Introduced to America in the eighteenth century, catnip took off....

A crowded desk and long to-do list can cause stress.

Guess what stress can express

Natalie Foote April 27, 2020

Stress. If you’re an American high school student, this word is part of your daily vocabulary. The American Psychological Association (APA) has reported that teens are reporting significantly higher...

Several types of flour have been reduced to gluten by washing out the starches with water.

Gluten: the unspoken protein

Natalie Foote April 25, 2020

Baking. Many people think of it as just another way to cook, but with baking, there’s so much more science at play. That bread in the oven rises for a reason. That cake batter solidifies for a...

A diagram of the virus.

COVID-19: geek edition

Natalie Foote April 21, 2020

“Coronavirus: Your government failed you.” “Government’s spending and role have increased during the coronavirus pandemic response.” “Coronavirus: ‘World faces worst recession since...

A laminated piece of paper inspires hope in its readers.

Finding peace—even joy—in an uncertain time

Natalie Foote April 12, 2020

Going onto a news platform isn’t the same anymore. Before the pandemic hit, there was bad news, but never such a disproportionate ratio of bad news to good. Times like this can make many resistant to...

Struggling to get off your phone? It may lead to nomophobia

Nomophobia: What is it and do we suffer from it?

Natalie Foote April 10, 2020

Ever feel a phantom buzz when you haven’t gotten a notification in a while? Ever feel tense when you can’t be near your phone or stressed when you wake up in the morning to check your messages? This...

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