A PSA on “13 Reasons Why”

"13 Reasons Why" is back and is ready to infiltrate all of social media and your school.

Oregon’s most interesting mascots

Here are some of the best mascots in Oregon. You won't believe number 1!

The absolute worst: Oregon’s most terrible high school mascots

No, that is in fact not an actual bird, it is the twisted creation of someone with a double-digit IQ.

Library renovations bring new studying opportunities

Beaverton’s library is getting three new study and collaboration rooms in the next week for students to utilize.

Avengers Infinity War leaves us speechless

"Avengers: Infinity War" is the newest addition to the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise.

Students organize a town hall to talk about gun violence

"#EnoughIsEnough" students are taking the matter of talking about gun violence into their own hands. At this rate, the US is averaging at roughly one school shooting a week.

‘Love, Simon’: The movie everyone needs to see

For the first time, the LGBT+ community gets a romantic comedy about a gay teen that’s not sexualized or interlaced in homophobia and stereotypes, and it’s pretty great.

From Seniors to Juniors: college applications

How to deal with the stress of college applications in an organized fashion from the Class of 2018.

Senior lot drives me crazy

The parking lot has become more dangerous than ever. Here's why:

Star freshman jumping her way into first in state

Freshman Lily Reynolds has broken Beaverton High School's high jump record at a height of 5 feet 6 inches!

Beavers lap Mavericks at home track meet

Beaverton’s second track meet is a success, crushing Mountainside High School.

A satirical (but sobering) look at the future for students in school

Another unfortunate tragedy unfolds that couldn't possibly have been prevented.

Spring Break: Our ecosystem’s worst enemy

Yearly, an outrageously high amount of trash is left on our beaches in the aftermath of Spring Break.

Spring into action this spring break

Don't fret this spring break. Here at the Hummer we have plenty of spring break activities just for you!

Never fear, seniors are here (for ACT advice)

Juniors, the ACT test is approaching. Yes, it's very stressful, but we're here to give you some advice on how to do your best.

It’s roommate cuffing season

The search for a college roommate has started and it's the worst thing ever. It's a wild ride full of uncomfortable Twitter DM's, Instagram stalking, and acting way too polite for teenagers.

Baseball season has arrived

BHS baseball is ready to make another playoff run this year, despite losing 16 seniors.

Former Duck athletes flock to Beavers’ Den as newest track coaches

Katie O'Brien and Beaverton alum Julie Smith bring their expertise and energy garnered from their U of O experiences to the track program.

‘Black Panther’: King of all movies

Black Panther is huge step for representation within blockbuster Hollywood movies while also being entertaining. It really has it all.

Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough

When can we bring an end to the gun violence?

‘Join the Cartel’ at Beaverton’s first ever food truck pod

With 31 different options available, you'll be sure to find something you like at this food pod.

Super and sucky commercials from the big game

It's not everyday the Super Bowl is on. Here are the best and worst ads.

Oh Fudge! It’s Almost Valentine’s Day

Looking for gift ideas? There’s no sugar-coating in these candy reviews. This article is a lifesaver when it comes to Valentine’s Day candy shopping.

Thai Hi-Five: a review

Placed on Broadway Street in downtown Beaverton is one of the quaintest and authentic Thai joints in town. Serving quality favorites, Thai Hi-Five is a must-go for a quick and delicious lunch.

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” review: the comedy of the season

This blockbuster sequel had big shoes to fill… and it didn’t disappoint!

Senioritis or depression? Same thing.

Senioritis becomes a big topic as finals approach, yet the made-up illness only seems to be symptoms of something more serious.

College letters come at juniors fast and dumb

Time to find out if your personality is compatible with our college!

The right aid for Medicaid: Measure 101

By Brady Rogers  As health care continues to be a heavily debated topic within United States politics, Medicaid has struggled within the state of Oregon. Nearly one in four Oregonians are insured through the program, which mainly benefits children, low-income families, and seniors. A recent gap within the state budget has left politicians scrambling to fill ...

DACA in the hands of the indecisive government

Dreamers are living in fear while Republicans and Democrats fight over deals between DACA and President Trump's infamous wall along the U.S. and Mexico border.

Beaverton students prove how ‘community connects us’

Students from Beaverton High School work in various ways to bring awareness to issues present in our community.

Rain is washing away our happiness

Rain rain go away… Or don't, thats cool too… I guess.

Beavers grapple Apollos in a sound victory 43-23

In their second to last league dual match, Beavers come out on top in preparation for Districts and State.

New coach scores big for girls basketball team

Get to know our new amazing girls' varsity basketball coach, Kathy Adelman Naro, and how she came to be a member of the Beaverton High School family.

Beavers battle against first in state, rival school Southridge

This was the most anticipated game in the Metro League. A young, talented team on the come-up facing their well-known rivals.

Trump’s ‘Big Button’ could be the end of it all

Twitter was all fun and games…until Donald Trump started threatening North Korea on it.

Stuck in eternal cycle of student loan payments: college kids’ struggle

When choosing a college to further your education at, it's impossible to ignore the colossal debt you are about to accumulate.

Privacy concerns arise over removal of bathroom doors

Many students were shocked and confused as to why doors were missing to the bathroom entrances. Students have mixed feelings about the sudden change.

Dude, where’s my snowpocalypse?!

Weather forecasters promise winter wonderland...epic fail!

Don’t get your tongue stuck on a pole drooling over these holiday movies

Holiday movies are a staple during this jolly season, and here are the ones you MUST watch!

Worst songs roasting on an open fire

These ARE the worst Christmas songs ever made...not up for debate (especially the fifth one).

Trump should condemn hatred, not fuel it

The country is fed up with Trump's racist use of derogatory language, and it's time we do something about it.

It’s a Yuletide vibe: the best Christmas songs

Senior editor, Kimaia Gassner, gives her opinion on the best Christmas songs of all time.

One of Pixar’s best movies yet

Coco, visually stunning and culturally immersive, has been ranked #35 on Top 2017 Movies at the Domestic Box Offices, which includes 2016 movies, and has earned nearly $73M within a week of it’s release.

All I want for Christmas is for people to leave me alone

Whether you love them or hate them, the holidays are quickly emerging and they’re coming in full force. Many love glitter that seems to fall from everything, the 17 different renditions of Last Christmas that play in one shopping trip, and especially the crisp, sad crunch of one inch Oregon snow.

Beaverton hosts Japanese exchange students from Tokyo

Exchange students from our Sister City in Japan visit Beaverton and complete a 4-week ESL/educational excursion in Oregon.

Whitefish became Puerto Rico’s rescuer… then the deal fell apart

Proof that the little guy can amount to great things

Carving out a new tradition with the Red Cross

Beaverton High students lined up to donate their blood to the Red Cross.

You’ll never guess where the 12th best city in the US to live in is

The city of Beaverton made the top 15 cities two years in a row, according to Money Magazine.

There’s a secret behind Oregon’s official state pie

The marionberry pie is a classic, and has recently been upgraded to Oregon royalty. The Hummer staff is here to give it a taste.

Coach Boyer reaches 100 wins!

Head football Coach Bob Boyer is honored for 100 wins while leading the Beaverton football program.

Beaverton Police to Implement Red Light Enforcement Once Again

Racing through yellow lights is now a thing of the past thanks to the new red light cameras.

Here at The Hummer, we love Oregon CIS

Our favorite school-mandated website from 2003 strikes again.

“Project Inclusion” Looks to Involve More Students

Payton Major, the new ASB president for the fall semester, as introduced "Project Inclusion", an initiative focused on including students at Beaverton High School.

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