Cartoon: To-do list

By Ayame McCarthy

Beaverton student art installed at local restaurant

Four BHS seniors reveal a mural three months in the making

Crew Dragon soars at historic SpaceX launch

The first launch of U.S. astronauts from American soil in nine years

ASB voting during a pandemic

It’s time to vote, BHS

Quarantining and healthy eating

How to eat healthy even when you feel like you can’t

How to thrive in quarantine: spring edition

Activities designed to help you not just survive but thrive at home

BFAN scholarship thrives for seniors

During continued quarantine, Dr. Erwin and members of BFAN spend Friday delivering scholarships to six seniors.

Ten types of exercise to shoot your mood to the skies

Non-traditional ways to stay active during quarantine

A glimpse into the lives of teachers

Fun facts you may not know about some of BHS’ staff

Teacher Appreciation Week: the students speak

BHS students are grateful for their staff despite being away from school

Oregon debate excellence continues in quarantine

Although many activities and gatherings were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a prestigious debate series survived

A student’s guide to the 2020 AP test

AP tests are different than in previous years, but the College Board offers tools to help students prepare

Thank you, teachers

Five reasons why teachers are the greatest people of all time

Don’t be late to hydrate

Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated, but why?

Top Netflix picks, quarantine edition

Here are a few shows to binge watch and explore while stuck inside

Cats can get high, too

This is how catnip impacts cats

Guess what stress can express

It’s not in your head—this common feeling can physically alter your brain and body

Puns: sPUNky or PUNgent?

Love them or hate them, the time has come to pick a side of the pun debate

Gluten: the unspoken protein

Flour is a staple for many, but without gluten, it wouldn’t be the same

Zoom: The solution to remote learning or an unreliable program?

This platform is popular, but it may not be the best option for remote learning

Dam Beavers vs. Quarantine

How members of the BHS Dragon Boat team are coping with the pandemic

Beaverton student receives response from ODE about pass-fail system

The Oregon Department of Education acknowledges student voices but stands firm with their pass/fail decision

COVID-19: geek edition

Forget government briefings and economic reports—here’s the science behind COVID-19

Joining a nationwide movement, Oregon public universities go test-optional

With the SAT and ACT now optional for applications to some colleges, students can focus on what’s important to them

Everyone needs to watch The Help

A movie about justice, perseverance, and friendship

Privacy concerns abound as tech giants team up to develop coronavirus tracking software

Apple and Google collaborate to develop software to track those who have the virus and who they may have infected

The future is ours to decide

The COVID-19 pandemic gives us the opportunities we’ve always wanted

Paw-some furry friends are being adopted faster than ever

Amidst animal shelter closures, communities give a home to their new pets

THPRD should reopen the tennis courts in May

Help people relieve stress by opening the tennis courts

Don’t reuse until you rethink your mindset

Purchasing reusable products is unhelpful if it’s for the wrong reasons

Considering teachers’ perspectives on remote learning

Teachers are navigating this new method of learning right alongside students

Finding peace—even joy—in an uncertain time

These people are providing an essential yet scarce service: good news

A look back: the BHS Holiday Bazaar

Recalling a festive community-wide event

Nomophobia: What is it and do we suffer from it?

We are too connected to technology

This is what it’s like to work in assisted living during the COVID-19 pandemic

BHS alum Dylan Garcia continues to demonstrate what it means to be a Beaver

One of Oregon’s new State Thespian Officers is a Beaver

BHS sophomore Serena Mlodinoff elected to help lead Oregon’s 86 theatre troupes

This group REAPs the benefits of leadership

The year-round multicultural youth leadership program is committed to empowerment

Scythe is a powerful book for just about anybody

A dystopian novel done right

Ditch the Instagram posts: Here’s how to help those requiring food assistance

Instead of spreading rumors, do something for those in need

Early College High School offers BSD students an incredible opportunity

Here’s how to earn an associate’s degree as you graduate high school

Have free time? Enter the New York Times Student Editorial Contest

An opportunity for writers to hone their craft

TriMet further restricts transit operations in response to coronavirus

Social distancing guidelines strengthen on public transit

Beaverton senior Riley Vinson recognized for outstanding community service

This senior’s actions spoke louder than words, winning her the Silent Servant Student Award

Beaverton alum Elsie Windes to be inducted into the US Water Polo Hall of Fame

This former BHS student is recognized for her incredible achievements

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