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Recently opened in downtown Beaverton, Loyal Legion has something for everyone on its menu.

Loyal Legion: A tasty spot in downtown Beaverton

Eleanor Teals Kahn, Staff Writer November 17, 2021

Loyal Legion is a new restaurant walking distance from BHS. Located at 4500 SW Watson Ave—next door to Big’s Chicken—it opened this past Saturday.  I visited the spot four days after opening...

Camila Cabello plays ‘Ella’ in a disappointing rendition of Cinderella

Cinderella (2021) was an infuriating mistake

Melody Cosgrove, Editor September 23, 2021

Since the release of the original Cinderella story in 1634, there have been approximately eight billion movie renditions of the tale. Some build on the classic with a compelling plot and characters, and...

Pianist Theo Cahall and trumpeter Emile Bejarano play City of Stars from La La Land

Virtual band concert spotlights stellar student performances

Melody Cosgrove June 9, 2021

As with all classes during this school year, Band was taught online until In-Person Hybrid started in quarter four. There were challenges with this method of learning, but band director Mary Bengel still...

A Blu-Ray case sits on a shelf next to a plant, enjoying the shade.

Everyone needs to watch The Help

Melody Cosgrove April 19, 2020

Out of all the movies I’ve ever seen, one of my favorites is The Help. It has everything you want in a good movie: interesting characters, stellar acting, and a great story that takes you on a...

A copy of Scythe enjoys a luxurious existence upon a fluffy blanket, surrounded by lights.

Scythe is a powerful book for just about anybody

Melody Cosgrove April 6, 2020

One of the best books I’ve ever read is Scythe, by Neal Shusterman—high praise, given that I’ve read countless books. I picked up Scythe a few months ago at a friend’s recommendation and will forever...

The Intern is for anyone wanting to delve into a movies characters and their relationships

“The Intern” is an amazing feel-good movie

Melody Cosgrove March 21, 2020

When I first heard about The Intern, I wasn’t interested. It looked dull, preachy, and boring, so I didn’t bother watching it when it came out in 2015. But recently, I sat down, saw it, and was pleasantly...

This box of twelve features chocolate chip, peanut butter and jelly, dirt cake, churro, and s’mores cookies.

Crumbl Cookies: The new treat in town

Beatrice Kahn March 5, 2020

This week, The Hummer staff discovered the phenomenon of Crumbl Cookies with one of their party boxes. The warm and chewy cookies were an instant hit. This party box came with a total of twelve cookies,...

Band director Mary Bengel shows off the combined Concert and Symphonic Bands at their concert.

Warriors of sound and rhythm show off their skills

Melody Cosgrove February 27, 2020

As all things have been lately, the BHS bands were rattled by the events of the fire. But they pulled through and conquered their limitations—mainly that many had zero access to their instruments for...

Actors in The Odd Couple share an emotional moment.

The Odd Couple is a resounding comedic success

Anouk Clendenning and Melody Cosgrove February 15, 2020

At Beaverton High School, Valentine’s Day is full of romance and intrusive yet entertaining Val-a-grams. While many people sobbed about being single or went on a date, we spent the evening watching The...

Creative Writing is the perfect class for aspiring authors with a sweet tooth

Creative Writing Workshop: a class with a dedication to imagination

Melody Cosgrove February 14, 2020

Attention writers of BHS: Are you looking for a class that feeds your writing brain? Do you struggle with the limitations teachers give you in English classes when you’re given writing assignments? Do...

Two baguette sandwiches are ready to eat.

Best Baguette: A yummy sandwich and bubble tea

Eleanor Teals Kahn February 14, 2020

Only a five-minute drive from BHS, this Vietnamese restaurant specializes in Bánh mì. The extensive menu includes sandwiches, soups, salads, pastries, and bubble tea. I loved the croissant sandwich and...

Bargartens ambiance is inviting, matching the quality of its food.

Bargarten: an A+ in the foodbook

Eleanor Teals Kahn February 14, 2020

Bargarten restaurant serves super yummy food. I enjoy the fondue, cheeseburger, salad, chicken schnitzel, Crater Lake root beer, and fries. They have a great Happy Hour menu to fill all types of eaters!...

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