JV boys soccer meets goal with undefeated season


Amy Perkins

The JV boys soccer team huddle as they strategize during halftime.

Even though the Varsity boys soccer team provided exciting action all season, anyone who attended JV boys’ soccer games was far from disappointed. The JV team went undefeated this season, with two games ending in a tie and the rest victories. Lead by their captain, sophomore Miguel Hernandez, the team pleasantly surprised fans with this outstanding season.

Junior Garrett Taylor was a strong force on the team and credited his success to his coach and teammates. “Our coach was very good at communicating with the players and really getting to know what they were good at and what they weren’t. He did a really good job of intelligently playing his players on the field to help secure our wins.”

Not only did the team go undefeated, but they also grew close as the season went on, getting to know the ins and outs of one another’s playing styles to become one cohesive team.

Junior Patrick Evans spoke nothing but praise about his team and their season. “The team knew what every player was capable of and we were always prepared for whatever competition we faced.”

Coming off the season, JV players are excited to have played so well. Sophomore Spencer Perkins is looking forward to the season next year and seeing where the team goes. “I think it is great that we have so much potential for next season and I really hope to see our JV boys moving up to varsity.”