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The Christmas season is just beginning, and that means an unstoppable barrage of Christmas cheer

Comic: Christmas is coming

Ayame McCarthy, Graphic Artist December 4, 2020
Are the Christmas festivities too much?
Theres no better feeling than buying Christmas ornaments in shorts and a t-shirt.

The holiday season should be when the holidays are

Brady Rogers, Senior Editor December 2, 2018
Christmas season has been right around the corner for months
Theres no better way to cozy up from the cold than with these holiday movies.

Don’t get your tongue stuck on a pole drooling over these holiday movies

Chace Fery, Staff Writer December 8, 2017
Holiday movies are a staple during this jolly season, and here are the ones you MUST watch!
Worst songs roasting on an open fire

Worst songs roasting on an open fire

Patrick Evans  & Brady Rogers  December 4, 2017
These are the worst Christmas songs ever recorded
Charlie Brown is a Christmas classic

It’s a Yuletide vibe: the best Christmas songs

Kimaia Gassner, Senior Editor December 4, 2017
Senior editor, Kimaia Gassner, gives her opinion on the best Christmas songs of all time.
A classic game for any holiday family gathering.

All I want for Christmas is for people to leave me alone

Mercedes Gray-Davis, Staff Writer November 30, 2017
Many love the endless glitter, the seventeen different renditions of Last Christmas in one shopping trip, and the crisp, sad crunch of one inch of Oregon snow. We don't.
Seniors Alona Arneson and Lizzy Elkins, ending their excursion the right way with some photos on the Washington State Ferry.

Spring Break? More like Spring broke

Alona Arneson, Staff Writer April 20, 2017
A CityPASS makes Seattle all the more amazing as a vacation spot
Cape Kiwanda view from the top of the hill.

March twenty-fifth, what’s the plan?

Rocio Avalos, Staff Writer March 15, 2017
I was half way to cape lookout with a couple of friends when I realized I had forgotten to tell my mom I was going out. There was no obvious signal so I just didn’t pay any attention to it. When we got to Tillamook I right away send my mom a message and told her to not worry about me, that I was going on a getaway for a couple of days. Little did I know she would call me as soon as she got the text message. “ Where are you? Does your debit card have enough money? Who are you with?” After a whole interview, my mother was fine with me going, well I mean it’s not like she could do much I was already at the destination.
What Hummer boys seek in a significant other

What Hummer boys seek in a significant other

Brady Rogers, Senior Editor February 14, 2017
Valentine's day has approached quickly with little forewarning. Many people have forgotten the importance of it, and more importantly, how it helps give an excuse to talk to the person we are interested in. To celebrate, the boys in the Hummer staff decided to put together what they wanted most in a significant other.
Dont worry if you dont have a someone to shower with gifts and candy this Valentines Day, a Hummer girl could be perfect for you.

How to win a Hummer girl over

Milcah Tefera, Staff Writer February 14, 2017
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s almost the annual time of the year to universally celebrate love- and chocolate. If you’re still looking for a special someone this Valentine’s Day, and perhaps wish to steal the heart of one of The Hummer girls, please read carefully because here is what we look for...
Emergency Valentines Day gift & date ideas

Emergency Valentine’s Day gift & date ideas

Allison Van Horn, Senior Editor February 9, 2017
So, it's just a few days before the Big Holiday. If you’re still scratching your head over what to get that special someone, you’ve come to the right place.
How to protect yourself from Stupid Cupid this Valentines Day

How to protect yourself from Stupid Cupid this Valentine’s Day

Noelle Charbonnier, Staff Writer February 7, 2017
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we've got some advice for you. Protect yourself from Stupid Cupid this Valentine's Day by avoiding these no-no's AT ALL COSTS!
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