Senior lot drives me crazy

Drivers at BHS are similar to ones with blindfolds on.

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Drivers at BHS are similar to ones with blindfolds on.

Brady Rogers, Senior Editor

As many of us work toward our driver’s license or have received it within the past year, it’s an overwhelming experience to drive on your own for the first few months. Obeying traffic laws and paying attention to the road is tough and stressful.

Enter the parking lots of Beaverton, and that stress is multiplied by over a million. Cars dart in and out of spots at high speeds. Territory has become a factor in where to park. One false parking job could result in your car being covered in car marker. Good luck!

People are too reckless and complacent. They don’t understand that they’re driving a ton, possibly two, of heavy machinery. They don’t understand the point of having a mirror and only use it to clean their teeth. The faster car does not have the right of way and people in senior lot fail to understand that.

And car marker: Why? Senior lot is passed down and tradition unites us, but the solution to the problem is nonsense. Passive-aggressive comments written with marker on people’s cars will not fix anything. It motivates us to park there just to upset you.

Driving into parking lots at high speeds and using car markers are not proper driving etiquette. Be careful while entering the school and understand that it’s okay to slow down and be nice for once.