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Hummer Highlight: WrestleMania XL

Zack Parker
World Wrestling Entertainment celebrated 40 years of WrestleMania, its main event.

Matches that happened at WrestleMania 40 on Night One  

On April 6th, CoCo Jones sang the American national anthem at Night One of WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia. Triple H started WrestleMania 40 by saying, “Man, I live for this…Welcome to a new time. Welcome to a new era. Welcome to WrestleMania!” 

The opening match for Night One was a title match for the women’s World Championship between the defending champ, Rhea Ripley, and “The Man” Becky Lynch. Rhea Ripley had the band motionless and dressed in white perform her entrance song as she took the stage. Ripley was able to narrowly defend her championship against Becky Lynch. 

Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley battled for the Women’s World Championship [Photo by Mason Hawke].

The next match was the six-man ladder match. The match pitted Judgment Day, Awesome Truth, The New Day, DIY, New Catch Republic, and A-Town Down Under all against each other. A Town Down Under managed to grab the belts above the ring, winning them the smackdown tag team title. The RAW tag team title went to the Awesome Truth. 

The following match was another tag team match which pitted Andrade and Rey Mysterio vs. Santos Escobar and Dominik Mysterio. Mysterio and Andrade won the match with the help of two masked luchadores, who turned out to be Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson.

A guest appearance by Lil Wayne surprised everyone when he walked Jey Uso to the ring for his fight with his big brother, Jimmy Uso. The brother’s fight went back and forth until Jey had the upper hand, that’s when Jimmy pretended to apologize and attacked Jey while his guard was down. Jey prevailed and won the match against his brother, Jimmy.

The brother’s match was followed by a six-woman tag team battle. The battling teams were: Damage Control vs. Bianca Belair, Naomi, and Jade Cargill. Bianca Belair, Naomi, and Jade Cargill won the match.

Next, Gunther had a match against Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Championship. The two had a heavy-hitting match, but the underdog Gunter won.

The first night’s main event was a tag-team match between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins vs. The Rock and Roman Reigns. The match began with a back-and-forth between the teams until The Rock and Reigns went into the crowd. The fight happened all over and around the stage, with The Rock and Roman Reigns emerging victorious.

The Rock and Roman Reigns beat Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins in a tag-team match [Photo by Mason Hawke].

Matches that happened at WrestleMania 40 on Night Two 

Stephanie McMann kicked off WrestleMania 40, Night Two, by saying that this is the WrestleMania she is most proud of. She asked the crowd, “Are you ready?” before the first match of Night Two began.

Seth Rollins faced off against Drew McIntyre in a fight to defend his world heavyweight title. McIntyre took the early lead and used some time to send a tweet saying, “Bored at work. Lol!” Rollins avoided a few pins and returned some blows, but McIntyre ultimately won his fight with Seth. McIntyre then started talking trash to CM Punk, who started to beat him up. Damian Priest then made a surprise appearance and finished off Drew Macintyre, stealing the heavyweight title from him.

Seth Rollins lost his heavyweight title to Drew McIntyre [Photo by Mason Hawke].

The next match was a Philadelphia street fight between the Final Testament and the Street Profits. Snoop Dogg announced the match. The fighters used different props and ultimately the Street Profits won.

Next up, LA Knight entered the ring at WrestleMania. AJ Styles ran into the ring and the two started to fight. Styles was about to do the Phenomenal Forearm, but Knight grabbed the rope and dropped Styles. Knight finished Styles off with a BFT. LA Knight was victorious.

The U.S. title match was between the champion Logan Paul, Randy Orton, and Kevin Owens. Orton and Owens ganged up on Paul until Orton attacked Owens. Paul left the ring and came back with brass knuckles to take both Owens and Orton down for a minute. Paul also brought out someone dressed as a bottle of Prime, who turned out to be the famous streamer IShowSpeed. Logan Paul was overpowered by Kevin Owens, and Randy Orton tried to kick Paul but IShowSpeed dragged Logan Paul out of the ring. Orton RKOs Speed, then Kevin, before being taken out by Paul, who won the match to retain his title.

Next was the WWE Women’s Championship match between defending champion Iyo Sky and Bayley. Lyo Sky tried to hurt Bayley’s leg. They traded blows but Sky maintained a lead in the face of Bayley’s refusal to lose. Bayley’s hurt leg slowed her down, but she pushed through and hit Sky with a combo before pinning her and becoming the new women’s champion.

After the last match, T-Pain and Snoop Dogg came out with the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders, who danced in the ring.

Next up was the main event. It began with a video that showed Cody Rhodes’ rise to fame before he walked out to his American Nightmare theme. His opponent, Roman Reigns, came out to a live orchestra playing. The match started with a stare-down before Rhodes landed an uppercut and grabbed a table. Reigns took back control and put the table back, which made the crowd boo. Reigns stayed in control until Rhodes checked him onto the ropes.

The fighters traded huge attacks with each other, and with the fight seemingly undecided, Rhodes took a lead over Reigns. Then Jimmy Uso entered the ring and saved Reigns. Another surprise appearance by Jey Uso happened, and Jey fought Jimmy and hit him.

John Cena and The Rock started each other down on the second night of WrestleMania [Photo by Mason Hawke].

Rhodes and Reigns continued fighting, with Rhodes winning until Solo Sikoa intervened and tried to get Reigns the win, but Cody Rhodes kicked out Roman’s grasp. John Cena then ran into the ring and hit both Reigns and Sikoa with a powerful throw. The Rock appeared and had a stare-down with Cena before nailing Cena with his signature move, Rock Bottom.

The Rock took his belt off to beat John Cena before the Shield music started playing and Seth Rollins ran to the ring with a steel chair. Rollins was quickly taken out by Roman Reigns. The Rock loomed over the defenseless Cody Rhodes before the lights to the stadium went out and a gong sounded. The lights came back on, and the Undertaker choke-slammed the Rock before the lights went out again and the Undertaker vanished. Reigns had a little more energy left than Rhodes, so he got a chair to hit with and charged Rhodes, but Rhodes countered and pinned Reigns, winning the title.

Cody Rhodes beat Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship [Photo by Mason Hawke].
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