‘Time’s up’ to start boycotting all the Woody Allens


Melissa Silverstein speaks out on Twitter

Mercedes Gray-Davis, Staff Writer

For too long, many celebrities voice that they wish to make a change in Hollywood, and claim they will, but there’s only a small percentage of those who actively do something.

On the red carpet before the show, many women were questioned about their fashion choice, not about wearing Prada or Yves Saint Laurent, but instead why they were wearing black. Why they were in support of the movement and how they wanted to bring change. But nothing was asked of the men when they were interviewed; nothing about why they wore pins or any thoughts at all about Times Up or anything revolving Hollywood’s patriarchy. Women had to prove and explain their choices and the men didn’t, if that gives any indication on how the night went on.

Going forward, the awards show itself gave way to many thoughts on men in the industry, with Natalie Portman introducing the ‘all male nominees’ for Best Director. Many people watching took to Twitter to express their approval of her words or how wrong it was for her to say that. Coincidentally, the only people that looked actually uncomfortable were the men in the room, funny isn’t it? When the whole point is to bring awareness and hope to bring a stop to violence against women in the workplace.

Coincidentally, there were men in the room that had been accused of violence in the workplace but they got awards anyway, so how is this going to change? Will we see a line form to divide abusers from their work, or will people disregard the violence they’ve caused just because they made a movie? Will anyone actually start to practice what they preach and stop supporting and working with those accused of assault and misconduct? Too many abusers still have their careers and haven’t faced any consequences and are even still respected; Woody Allen, James Franco, Gary Oldman, Casey Affleck, and the list goes on.

It’s time to stop working with them, supporting them and to start protesting them and actually be angry when they still get awarded for their work, because it doesn’t matter how good their movie is, they’re abusers and should be boycotted. It shouldn’t be that hard, Hollywood.