Dude, where’s my snowpocalypse?

Dude, where’s my snowpocalypse?

Julia Tantare, Staff Writer

Dear Weather Channel,

Thank you so much for giving me false hope about the weather this season. You made me think I was going to have a white Christmas and the snowfall would be even bigger and better than last year. I am a senior, which means I would not have to make up any of the school days we lose to snow, so thank you for ruining my Christmas and taking away my snow days.

Even though you may not think your reports have that big of an impact on our lives, you’re wrong. They determine how excited I am for winter to come and whether I get school off or not. Now that you are so wrong with your predictions about the snow this Christmas season, everything is horrible. When it is twenty degrees outside, it should be snowing, or we should be having weather that cancels school. Instead, I freeze and gain nothing at all!

I always believed that it was unlikely it would snow, being the well-informed Oregonian that I am, but you gave me hope. Now, my hope has been crushed by the giant layer of ice that forms on my car each morning.

There is still a chance for you to redeem yourself: if you prove me wrong and it snows at the latest by January, all will be forgiven because there will still be enough time for me to miss plenty of school and enjoy my time off. It had better snow January, or thank you for wrecking my year.


Angry Oregonian, Julia

Photo Courtesy of pix11.com