Let Dreamers keep dreaming


The Los Angeles Times

Dreamer at protest holding sign that explains why DACA is important for young individuals and their future.

Brady Rogers, Senior Editor

For years, American politicians have struggled with the topic of immigration. Under different authority, we’ve managed to see a wide variety of proposals and beliefs.

Recent headlines have addressed Obama’s DACA act allowing children who immigrated to the United States to stay. President Trump believes the program should end, claiming that immigrants steal our jobs and use our systems.

The misconception lies in the concept that they’re “stealing” our jobs. The jobs filled by these immigrants are mainly agricultural and beauty services, manicures and pedicures to name a few. These lines of work thrive because of immigrants and are overlooked by people who have been citizens their whole life.

On a more personal level, the people affected are graduating from college, immersing themselves in communities, looking for careers. Many of them came to America as children and young teenagers. They’ve grown with the system and don’t deserve to be yanked from it.

The United States was founded because our ancestors immigrated here to start a new life. The statements made by current public figures are hypocritical and must be reevaluated.

Dreamers are the least of our worries. They aren’t harming our system any more than American citizens. Our country should shift our focus onto more important issues, like our president’s controversial Twitter rants and aiding the people affected by the past month’s natural disasters.

It’s important to treat everyone like they deserve to be treated. No human is illegal, and no one should wake up each morning scared of what will happen next.