Nine Super Bowl commercials you HAVE to see… and one you REALLY don’t

Politics and hope for the future are dominant messages in companies’ advertisements.

By Emma Rosicky

There are two different kinds of people: those who watch football because they love the sport, and those who watch for the commercials. I am definitely one of the latter. The best commercials of 2017 brought together humor, social activism, and a general hope for the future. Below is a variety, making up what I think are some of the best commercials from this year’s Football Extravaganza.

Budweiser “Born the Hard Way”
Clearly a political commentary on Trump’s recent executive order, this eye-opening ad makes a beautiful argument in favor of diversity, young entrepreneurship and perseverance.


Audi “Daughter”
Another ad dedicating itself to social justice, and my personal favorite, this unique and well-timed commercial strums the heartstrings of all parents, women, and young girls. It uncovers the challenges of a being an extremely capable woman in a still largely male-dominated society and the gap that continues to exist between the wages of men and women. This ad is concerned and fearful, and yet, it offers hope for a brighter future for younger generations.


84 Lumber “The Journey Begins”
This super bowl favorite depicts a mother-daughter journey through many cities and across terrains. The original video depicts a border wall, barring the two girls from their final destination after a challenging journey. For the actual showing of the commercial, however, Fox turned the original commercial away so 84 Lumber cut it short, leaving audiences with a cliffhanger, the ending of the journey available on their website The final text of the video is a clear expression of appreciation for our country’s roots and diversity: “The will to succeed is always welcome here.”


Avocados From Mexico: #AvoSecrets
Full of easy humor, this ad features the illuminati and their extremely dysfunctional group of members, apparently incapable of keeping any secret. Recurring arguments about the questionable existence of Sasquatch and allusions to the Great Deflated Football Conspiracy keep audiences giggling, however the end of the commercial lets us down. Avocados are healthy. I was hoping for a little more of a punch line.


Nintendo Switch
This commercial had many viewers wishing they were playing with a video game rather than watching the mainly dull and one-sided football game. Anticipation-building and upbeat music includes audiences in the playful mood of the ad. Featured in all settings with all ages, the Nintendo Switch certainly catches the eye of generations across the board. Plot twist: it’s not available till March 3rd.


Buick: Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr
A simply hilarious commercial that hits all ages. Absurd happenings in the setting of an everyday pee-wee football game bring out the laughs. However, the appearance of Miranda Kerr at the conclusion of the commercial seemed a little forced.


Buffalo Wild Wings: “The Conspiracy” with Brett Favre
More confusing than amusing, Brett Favre has a string chart connecting all the possible reasons for the multitude of interceptions. Somehow Buffalo Wild Wings has become the culprit. For me, the creativity and cleverness was lacking in this particular ad. Then again, I don’t watch football.


Kia: ‘Hero’s Journey’ with Melissa McCarthy
Somehow Melissa McCarthy has become the go to environmental activist, but unfortunately she’s not very good at it. That’s alright – better for our entertainment


Squarespace: Calling
This clever little website-design ad emulates the feeling that we all get when the username we wanted on Instagram is already taken even though it’s actually our name. With John Malkovich bringing out his angry side, this commercial gets a little bit funnier. Jason Statham And Gal Gadot Kick Ass
Unfortunately for Squarespace, has outdone them in the website-design category. This dynamic commercial is action-packed and while it brings out a couple small laughs, it’s mostly just really cool.

Melissa McCarthy runs to save the rhinos in Kia’s 2017 Super Bowl commercial. Photo courtesy of Top 5 Central.

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