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Beaverton Hummer

The Official Website of Beaverton High School's Student-Run Newspaper

Beaverton Hummer

The Official Website of Beaverton High School's Student-Run Newspaper

Beaverton Hummer

The team performs at an assembly.

Wouldn’t you love to B a Rhythm B?

Natalie Foote, Staff Writer March 22, 2020

The last two weeks have been hectic for students and staff as school has closed, athletics has been canceled and fears have risen. But in times like this, it’s important to remember what makes BHS unique...

A woman encourages others to vote at Pioneer Square in Portland, OR.

Rise up and vote, BHS

Natalie Foote, Staff Writer February 29, 2020

The 2020 presidential election is just around the corner, on November 3rd. With it, the discussion regarding voter turnout resurfaces. According to the US Census Bureau, in the 2018 presidential election,...

Women’s tennis player Cassidy Binder earned third place in singles last year.

Beaverton OSAA spring sports are coming

Beatrice Kahn and Eleanor Teals Kahn February 26, 2020

March marks the beginning of spring sports. As the days get longer and the sun starts shining, tennis players, golfers, baseball players, softball players, and track and field participants begin their...

Bucky and a nerd emoji look warily at the ACT logo beneath them.

Start smart and score off the charts: a guide to the ACT

Natalie Foote, Staff Writer February 22, 2020

ACT day is fast approaching, and with it comes the stress of a big exam that could affect students' futures. But there are ways to go into it ready to take on the challenge. Prep like a pro Before...

Leadership students talk with Bucky the Beaver at the 2019 Homecoming Assembly.

How to connect a community

Melody Cosgrove, Editor February 21, 2020

Assemblies are the only time all students and staff at BHS gather to embody a core value: Community Connects Us. BHS puts on three main types of assemblies: Celebration assemblies (introduced this year),...

The main hallway in the Merle Davies building stretches on into oblivion, making it a challenge for some students to reach class on time.

Passing time: The solution isn’t to make it longer

Natalie Foote, Staff Writer December 18, 2019

The bell rings. Chairs screech back from desks as students shove their belongings into their bags and hoist them onto their shoulders. As the door opens and students stream out of the class, the teacher...

The large OSU campus is worth a visit.

How to visit colleges over winter break

Anouk Clendenning, Editor-in-Chief December 16, 2019

Winter break is here. Students finally have time to relax, sleep, and study for upcoming tests. But others might have different plans. Here are some tips if you’re spending winter break touring colleges. Before...

The grading system in the Beaverton School District has raised controversy over the years. Its time for it to go.

I can consistently and accurately identify why the proficiency grading system fails students

Natalie Foote, Staff Writer November 18, 2019

Grading day. After a week of exhausting finals, grades pour in, and students start to wonder: “What did I get on that math test? How will it affect my grade? How will my teacher grade my work and average...

Most juniors faces on the first day of school.

A simple way to attack junior year

Brady Rogers, Senior Editor June 15, 2018

As junior year winds down and the pressures of standardized testing and overthinking colleges grind to a halt, the stress is lifted. Incoming sophomores are next in line. Here are a few pointers from a...

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