All aboard, to the North Pole!

Mount Hood Railroad's Polar Express provides children (and adults) train trip to meet Santa Claus.

Beware these holiday legends!

While St. Nick is the joyful, nice, gracious character that we all know and love, I was shocked to find some… not-so-merry figures from all over.

Valtierra scores Metro League goal

Senior Jason Valtierra's incredible performance this season earned him a 2nd Team All-Metro title as a forward and center midfielder.

Remembering dates through colors and lines

Synesthesia is more common than most people realize. With many people not knowing they have it because it’s a neurological phenomenon, it makes it unclear as to how many cases there are.

Anti-Trump protests take on streets of Portland

Following the results of the presidential election, unrest spread across the nation with numerous cities taking a stand to protest the results.

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