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How social media has turned us antisocial

Has it enhanced people’s lives and made us feel more connected, or has it actually disconnected us from the real world?

Moonlight: the rightful recipient for best picture

It isn't often that I find myself leaving a movie theater feeling so moved as I did after I saw Moonlight. After watching this film, I can almost guarantee you'll feel the same.

Nine Super Bowl commercials you have to see…and one you don’t

Politics and hope for the future are dominant messages in companies’ advertisements.

2016’s most missed: famous people who died

Among the number of people whose lives were taken last year, many faces were remembered among the crowds of fans. Here are four of the people whose legacies will be remembered for decades to come.

Capturing and creating moments

From Snapchat and Instagram to Twitter and Facebook, almost every high school student has some social media that they visit on a regular basis.