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Just Mercy hits home

Expect trials, tribulations, and lots of sobbing when you watch this movie

The best of the worst: Christmas special villains ranked

There is a distinct lack of Christmas spirit among these antagonists

Racquetball Swinging Into The Season

Racquetball had a good run last year, but what will this season look like?

A PSA on “13 Reasons Why”

"13 Reasons Why" is back and is ready to infiltrate all of social media and your school.

‘Time’s up’ to start boycotting all the Woody Allens

This year’s Golden Globes was take over by a wave of black fashion. Times Up, a movement started this January to bring awareness to sexual abuse, assault and harassment in the workplace. Female celebrities wore black dresses, while the men sported ‘Time’s Up’ pins on their jackets. But how does this change anything? What are celebrities actively doing to support and make change?