Q&A with Copelan on move to Southridge


Carrie Matsuo

Assistant Principal Maria Copelan poses with Zack Parker in front of the beaver statue.

Southridge High School will be getting a new principal next school year. It will be Mrs. Maria Copelan, who is currently an Assistant Principal here at Beaverton High School. I wanted to ask her a few questions about her new job. 

I interviewed Mrs. Copelan in the office at 1:30 on Wednesday. Here are her answers:

Q: How did you become the principal of Southridge High School?

A: Mrs. Copelan said she had been interviewing with some teachers for the past two years.  They offered her the job of principal at Southridge High and she accepted it.  

Q: Are you excited about this new job?

A: She said she was excited.  

Q: Do you know any teachers or students that already go to Southridge?

A: She visited Southridge a few times and met some teachers. There was one teacher she met, the drama teacher, his name was Mr. F and she shook his hand.

Q: So, is this job going to be hard or easy for you?

A: This job at Southridge is going to be a little bit hard for her. She’s never been a principal and has a lot to learn while adjusting to a new place.