Holiday movies: plot holes


Erika Wittlieb

The theme of The Grinch deviates from reality

Every year, we tune in to watch our favorite holiday films, but do we ever catch on to the massive plot holes in these classics? Take Santa Claus, for instance, starring Tim Allen. The character Allen plays accidentally kills Santa…but then Allen becomes Santa, essentially making the point that if you kill Santa: you are him. This plot hole could not only confuse children but could also lead to a chained mass murder.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, a traditional film and even a song, has gapingly large holes in the logic of its storyline. A little boy thinks that Santa Claus is having an affair with his divorced Mom. The boy sets fatal traps in his front yard and gets a mall Santa fired, who breaks his arm chasing after the boy and resorts to begging from house to house. Worst of all, this little monster child gets presents for Christmas regardless of his naughty behavior. This makes no sense: his mom is single, and Santa is used as a ploy to get children to behave in the holiday season. This child only proves you will receive presents even if you break people’s arms and attempt homicide.

The Grinch is about as classic as it gets in the month of December. But let’s take a look at what this spirited movie truly is: A furry, green man breaks into everyone’s homes because he hates Christmas. But then, his abnormal heart dysfunction is fixed because the people he robbed are fine with this, he returns his stolen loot and is suddenly a hero who doesn’t face charges. Not only that, but his heart grows and he’s still invited to the town feast.

Whether or not this ruined your holiday movie binge is up to your own interpretation. You can laugh about the illogical jumps each movie provides, or cry…because your childhood is over and Tim Allen is a dirty rotten murderer who possesses Santa’s poor, mangled body.

Happy holidays!