Rain washes away student happiness

Out with the fall, and in with the winter season. Living in Oregon is surely no walk in the park. If you know a thing or two about the state, a true Oregonian is no stranger to the rain. But with rain so prominent in everyday life, could this affect the mood of Oregonians?

It’s been proven that weather has a direct effect on people’s moods. For example, feeling down in response to dark, cold, rainy weather is hardly surprising, and warm sunny weather can improve someone’s state of mind. But with the rainy weather becoming more common in the winter season, Oregonians’ moods may be lowering.

“I like the rain because of the sound it makes when it hits my roof,” said junior Kenna Reid. But Reid’s feelings are mixed. “Sometimes, it bothers me because it can make my day feel gloomy and long.”

Sophomore Cary Cundari disagrees. “I don’t mind the rain at all. I actually enjoy it. I feel like a lot of people always feel down in the rain, but it never really bothered me.”

Despite reports of people feeling down or tired during the rain, others don’t seem to mind. Is it possible that the weather doesn’t affect mood? It’s likely that the amount of sunlight has a larger correlation with the state of mind due to the amount of vitamin D absorbed.

What does that mean for Oregonians? In the winter months, those living in Arizona, for example, are exposed to better weather than in Oregon. But many Oregonians are used to the dreary clouds and rain. In a sense, those living in Oregon are tougher than those living in sunny Arizona. In Oregon, the warm weather that some people chase is a gift rather than a given.