Privacy concerns arise over removal of bathroom doors


Amanda Piril

The bathroom entryways make it difficult for passerby to get a look inside.

It’s been about two weeks since Beaverton High School students found the doors missing from the cafeteria bathrooms. The decision to remove the doors was made in December, leaving students surprised at the change.

Principal Dr. Anne Erwin made an announcement during Beaver Lodge regarding the decision and mentioned it in a BHS Family Update.  “We’ve seen an increase in inappropriate behavior, litter, and vandalism in the restrooms on campus,” Erwin wrote.

After the custodians removed the doors, many students seem to think it unfair that everyone should pay when only a handful of students have been causing trouble. But others believe the decision has its positives.

“Your privacy is lost, but it’s also good because students shouldn’t be doing bad stuff in there and hiding when trying to skip class,” said senior Dulce Jimenez, who was surprised to see the doors gone.

Privacy seems to be the main concern for students regarding the doors, but according to Erwin, it shouldn’t be. “All of the restrooms have walls that obscure any view into the restroom and there are doors on individual stalls.”

That said, some students are largely indifferent.  “To be honest, I could care less because they were heavy and gross, but they had privacy,” said junior Nicole Caster. “Overall, I kinda forgot about them.”