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The cast and crew of BHS’ recent production of Anne Frank pose onstage. Mlodinoff, who played Anne Frank, will serve as a State Thespian Officer this coming year.

One of Oregon’s new State Thespian Officers is a Beaver

Anouk Clendenning April 8, 2020

Beaverton sophomore Serena Mlodinoff has spent over a decade in the world of theatre, enthralled by its magic and community. Now, having been recently elected a State Thespian Officer (STO), she will spread...

Actors in The Odd Couple share an emotional moment.

The Odd Couple is a resounding comedic success

Anouk Clendenning and Melody Cosgrove February 15, 2020

At Beaverton High School, Valentine’s Day is full of romance and intrusive yet entertaining Val-a-grams. While many people sobbed about being single or went on a date, we spent the evening watching The...

Beaverton High School junior and tenured actress Christina Brissenden took control over her motherly role as M'lynn. Her subtlety added another level of sophistication to the production.

Steel Magnolias: a review

Jono Vincent April 28, 2017

A musical with a cast of thirty-five is hard to put together, but easy to perform. Alternatively, a drama with a cast of only six is easy to put together, but much harder to perform. The former is a showcase...

An inside look into the double-casted production of Get Smart, performed by Beaverton High School Theater.

The faces of Get Smart

Anika Matsumoto December 22, 2016

  Senior Shanon Keehn as Chief Q: Who was your character? A: I’m the chief. I’m head of ‘Control,’ the international organization of good and basically I’m Maxwell Smart’s boss...

Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 stand back-to-back, preparing to face their next foe.

Beaverton High School Theater gets humorously heroic in their rendition of Get Smart

Anika Matsumoto December 19, 2016

November was a month of beginnings for Beaverton’s drama department. They held auditions, rehearsed, and from November 15th through November 19th, they presented the community with their opening production...

Get Smart: take a look behind the curtain of Beaverton's theater department

Get Smart: take a look behind the curtain of Beaverton’s theater department

Jono Vincent November 7, 2016

Slowly but surely, Beaverton Theatre Department’s first production Get Smart is coming together. We see it on the stage opening night November 15th, but what happens before the curtains go up? What...

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