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The Google and Apple logos together symbolize their new partnership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Privacy concerns abound as tech giants team up to develop coronavirus tracking software

Natalie Foote April 18, 2020

It’s hard to imagine going back to normal life after being in quarantine for so long, but eventually, schools, stores, parks, and other places will resume business as usual. When they do, coronavirus...

Eternal joy is bursting through this man's soul, despite what his expression may indicate.

Here at The Hummer, we love Oregon CIS

Brady Rogers October 12, 2018

Future Day is upon us, making the beginning of a long battle with the Oregon Career Information Center (CIS). For those who don’t know, and should if they intend to graduate, CIS is the website that...

A close look at two of the new collaboration rooms, which are set to open soon.

Library renovations bring new studying opportunities

Kathryn Burris  May 7, 2018

Beaverton High School is finishing work on a new addition to the library aiming to allow students and teachers to collaborate easier. This is a continuation of the remodel which occurred about three years...

As I sit on the phone, trying my hardest to converse with adults, I feel like a child.

Diary of a wimpy teen telemarketer

Kimaia Gassner and Noe Lambert October 26, 2017

Beaverton Education Fund gives money to 51 of the 53 schools in the Beaverton School District. One of their most successful fundraisers is the Phone-a-Thon. Students from clubs from all over the district...

Driver distracted due to texting while at the wheel.

Cracking down on distracted driving will save lives

Connor Patrick October 2, 2017

With the advent of smartphones, distracted driving has become a glaring problem around the world. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, 1330 injuries and 14 deaths directly resulted from...

Cruz Grover holds the iPhone 6s and an iPhone 5.

Technology for the holidays: a review of the newest tech

Cruz Grover November 25, 2016

Would you like a headphone jack with that, sir? Or perhaps a waterproof screen? How about the latest and greatest laptop? Whether you are in need of new technology or just want the latest and greatest,...

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