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A set of SAT and ACT prep flashcards sit on a table.

Joining a nationwide movement, Oregon public universities go test-optional

Eleanor Teals Kahn April 20, 2020

Worried about standardized testing or feel unprepared for the SAT? Have no fear: Oregon public universities are now test-optional. This is a big change: Students no longer need to send in SAT or ACT scores...

Bucky and a nerd emoji look warily at the ACT logo beneath them.

Start smart and score off the charts: a guide to the ACT

Natalie Foote February 22, 2020

ACT day is fast approaching, and with it comes the stress of a big exam that could affect students' futures. But there are ways to go into it ready to take on the challenge. Prep like a pro Before...

The ACT test day can be incredibly stressful, but make sure to keep a cool head and stay calm.

Never fear, seniors are here (for ACT advice)

Noe Lambert  March 20, 2018

Junior year is the worst year high school students are forced to experience, and every senior knows what I’m talking about. Just thinking about that year makes me cringe. Heavy class loads, the SAT,...

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