Creative Writing Workshop: a class with a dedication to imagination

Creative Writing is the perfect class for aspiring authors with a sweet tooth

Nothing in the Rulebook

Creative Writing is the perfect class for aspiring authors with a sweet tooth

Attention writers of BHS: Are you looking for a class that feeds your writing brain? Do you struggle with the limitations teachers give you in English classes when you’re given writing assignments? Do you like donuts? Yes? Oh, do we have a class for you

Creative Writing is a semester class about—obviously—creative writing. But this can mean many things depending on the teacher and the curriculum. While you may think it’s a class where the teacher gives you a prompt or a topic and sends you out to write something about it, it’s not.

These were my expectations going into the class last year. I was nervous it might be another class centered around assignments, and terrified it might be a class where my writing was graded based on standards the teacher had for it. In other words, I was worried “creative writing” meant “write exactly what I tell you.”

But in Creative Writing at BHS, this isn’t the case. Mr. Klash—the teacher—gives students the freedom to write whatever they want. There aren’t any assignments, either. Your only job is to write and share your work.

Yes, I did say share your work. It’s mandatory to share at least a sentence with the class at some point in the semester. This seems scary, but it turns out that most people are just as scared as you, which makes it easier to share the next time. And with every day Mr. Klash dedicates to a COW—Celebration of Writing—he brings sweet treats (think donuts) to soften the blow.

It’s a fun class for aspiring writers, and a relaxing one at that. Whether you’re interested in poetry, screenwriting, plays, essays, or fiction, there’s a place for you in Creative Writing.