Trump should condemn hatred, not fuel it


Racism and the use of derogatory language is something you would have hoped to have no longer been present in the face of our country in this day and age. However, our current situation is the blatant opposite.

The leader of our country displays racist qualities and consistently uses derogatory language towards minorities with no shame. Donald Trump, at a White House event that was meant to honor the Navajo code talkers, was unable to maintain a professional demeanor. Instead of politely showing his respect for the heroes, he indirectly mentioned Senator Elizabeth Warren by calling her by the name of “Pocahontas”. He did this because he was skeptical of Warren’s background and ethnicity.

That is no excuse for a person with his political power. Even if Trump chooses not to believe that Warren has Native American heritage, he should respectfully keep the information to himself, not degrade Native American culture. It is appalling that the President of the United States would act in such an immature, unprofessional manner, yet I am not surprised. Despite the fact that Trump has been using racial slurs and unprofessional language throughout his whole political career, it has not become any easier to tolerate. The American people should not tolerate it and it’s our job to resist him.

Trump’s hatred towards minorities is only fueling the hatred that still exists in some places in our country. He sets a horrible example for the American people; if the president can use derogatory language, what’s to say an average citizen can’t as well?

Instead of moving forward and condemning hatred towards minorities, the president is doing the exact opposite and encouraging it in our nation. His lack of respect affects people in every community, including Beaverton High School. “He is setting a very unprofessional example for the rest of the country,” stated senior Danijela Baltic, “and his words just fuel those who are already bitter towards minorities”.

A rally against Trump and his racism, one sign depicting the message, “Natives against Trump”. (Photo courtesy of