Why ‘snow’ days screwed our ‘sun’ days

Why snow days screwed our sun days

Dear Beaverton School District,

 For some reason, you find it necessary to keep us locked in school all day while the rest of the world is enjoying their summer. We get it; the snow came and screwed everything up for you, but that doesn’t mean you need to make finals week full days.

For example, our lunch this week is 40 minutes long. You did this not because you think we need more time to eat, but because you needed to find time somewhere in the day to squeeze in those few extra hours of school you think are so necessary. This may surprise you, but I don’t need 40 minutes for lunch. I could go home, take a small nap, and come back in time for my next period. Just let us out early!

I understand that some teachers (very few) need the time in order to finish teaching, but, do you know what class they don’t teach in? Beaver Lodge. I don’t need a two-hour long Beaver Lodge. I don’t even need the normal hour and a half Beaver Lodge. But hey, thanks for the extra time to sleep in in the morning.

It is not necessarily that I blame any one person in particular for this mess, however, it needs to be understood that when my teachers are having us watch a movie as a final, I don’t need to be there. They are done and we are done. I have one final this semester! ONE! I don’t need a full week of school to take one final!

So thank you Beaverton School District, you have really made this finals week as unenjoyable and pointless as humanly possible.


Literally, every person in this school

 Students and teachers are too stressed and don’t like full days for finals week! (Photo courtesy of  Staircase to Success).