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Trumped by Clinton


All attention is focused on the upcoming presidential election, as two of the most controversial candidates get set to take the stage and compete for the oval office. Through the post-Labor Day stretch the two candidates – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – are fighting for a lead in the polls.

Trump is a wealthy businessman and claims he wants to make America great again, but the way he wants to create a better America disregards how we built our country. He predominantly wants to end immigration and create a stronger military, but our focus should be on our own country and creating a stronger infrastructure.

We have been fighting a national debt for years – why would we choose a president who admits to not paying taxes, and who has gone bankrupt multiple times? We don’t want someone who has the potential to tank the country, and who only favors a certain race.

Junior Claire Arnold commented on what it means to be a successful president, stating, “Someone who can make decisions not just for them but a large group of people.” America needs a president who will serve not just for the majority but also for the minorities.

Hillary Clinton, in this case, is the lesser of two evils.  Facing problems about her own truthfulness, she seems to understand the concerns of the average Americans. Her stance on education is hopeful, ensuring that everyone, no matter where they live, should receive a quality education.

Clinton has demonstrated her competence in the political sphere for over 30 years, assuming the roles of a First Lady, Senator, and most recently, Secretary of State. She’s been in the political arena for multiple decades and has built a track record over the years. She has remained an activist and has continued to seek change for America, unlike Trump who has only recently decided he wants to be involved in politics and social change.

Trump may be a wealthy businessman and entrepreneur, as Sophomore Riley Gill put it, “He’s a businessman that gets things done.” But, that doesn’t simply translate over to a leader of an entire country. His attributes aren’t fit for what we expect from a president and he is too controversial to be reliable. Why vote for a Cheeto when you can vote for a well-known and active politician?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at their rallies. Photo courtesy of Uber Topic.

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Brady Rogers
Brady Rogers, Senior Editor
Brady is a senior at Beaverton High School.

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