Beaverton’s multicultural soccer teams kick into gear


Oregon Live

Multicultural Soccer club usually practices after school on the football field.

Multicultural Soccer Club aims to bring together the diversity and culture of the people. The club features three teams: all girls’, varsity, and junior varsity. Juniors like Ector Morales compete to be in the starting eighteen, while others play on the junior varsity team to gain experience.

“Anyone can join, so it doesn’t have to be specific,” said junior Marina Perez, who was a part of the club last year. “I really enjoyed it. It’s a great way to spend time with people and I get to play a sport I like.”

Multicultural soccer club provides an alternative to the expensive clubs students can join in the spring with a waivable $50 fee. Students can choose to play on the junior varsity team if the competition is not for them.

“It’s fun to get back into multi and it’s fun to get back on the field, it’s not that expensive and you get to play against real teams,” said Lisa Son, a senior at BHS who enjoys the competition and playing with friends. “It’s a good community to play with and have fun.”

Over fifty people participate in the tryouts and no one is cut from the team, allowing everyone to participate.

“We start up with warm-ups and we do drills and we scrimmage, we cool down with sprints,” said junior Ector Morales. Morales hopes to win the championship this year. Last year, his team lost in the semifinals.

All games are held Saturday, with the girls’ team playing in the morning, boys playing in the afternoon, and the varsity team playing in the evening.