Beaverton life hacks for your lazy life

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” –Bill Gates

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” –Bill Gates

Looking for a way to make your life at Beaverton High School easier? Of course you are. Everybody is always trying to make their life easier. Students at Beaverton wanted to know what could be done to make everyone’s life easier, so The Hummer went straight to the source.

The band room water fountain is well renowned, and every student said something about it. That is, except for senior Eliza Elkoff.

“Coldest water fountain is the one in senior hall, but the one with the most flow is by the weight room,” she said. “Sure, you may get colder water, but you need good flow.” 

Everyone at Beaverton should know it’s all about that flow.

Similarly, senior Jessie Pinkerton had some advice about the bathrooms. 

“If you’re gonna use the restroom, please don’t use the one in math hall, it smells like SeaWorld,” she said. Instead, she suggests using those in Merle Davies because they are the best in the school. The bathrooms are a fragile ecosystem, and it only takes one person to mess it up for everyone.

Pinkerton also had advice for juniors parking in the senior lot. “Don’t park in the senior lot, because the seniors will get mad.” 

This is true. Watch out, juniors, and anyone younger who can drive. A couple of seniors keep a boot in their car and will lock it around someone’s car tire if they are not supposed to be there. Have fun with that.

Retired reporter Natasha Vartanian had a few short words on how to make everyone else’s life at the Beav easier: “Deodorant. That’s a life hack.” 

No one could disagree with that. In the crowded hallways or the student center, it’s not fun being the one who smells. The recommended brand is Old Spice Pure Sport: that stuff smells great and lasts all day.

A new life hack for those seniors this year wanting to sit upstairs comes from Elkoff. 

“If you want to sit upstairs you need to get there hecka fast, before the juniors,” she said. “They swarm.” 

There has been wide debate over the flooding of juniors in the upstairs cafeteria. Just remember to get there fast no matter what class you are in because this is a big school and there are only so many seats.

Elkoff had one final tip. “The best place to eat at lunch is nowhere,” she said, “Bring your own lunch.” 

This contrasts with Pinkerton’s thoughts. “I like the grab-n-go because it’s fast and they have a variety of food.”

Natasha had wise words to share. “Just do your homework because once you get behind, it is so hard to catch up.” 

This life hack is what most students at Beaverton need. Once you fall behind, it can escalate out of control, and that is the last thing any student wants. Stay on top of it.