Sheriff of Nottingham or Trump Administration?


Michiko Murai, Staff Writer

The Trump administration proposed withdrawing federal protections on waterways that only appear after rainfall and wetlands that aren’t connected to larger bodies of water. This means these bodies of water will soon become streams of pollution, oil, and toxic runoff until they are destroyed to develop more land for homes and industry. These waterways and wetlands are already home to a diverse array of organisms and a huge source of clean drinking water for locals around. They are essential for controlling the climate, maintaining ecosystems and providing beautiful scenery.

Claiming to give the power back to the land owners — the people — the Trump administration is only playing a game. John Duarte, a farmer in California, who went to trial against the US Army Corps of Engineers, to defend himself against accusations of destroying a wetland, believes Trump’s policy will give more relief to landowners but overall will not stop the government overreach. “It’s Sheriff of Nottingham behavior — agencies coming onto your property, making claims against you and extracting what they can for the king.”

The Sheriff of Nottingham, a tyrant in the Legend of Robin Hood is our President. He is stealing from the people and the environment.

According to numerous environmental groups, the new proposal is contradicting not only the Obama Administration’s revisions on the federal jurisdiction but also the Clean Water Act of 1972, passed by Nixon.

This rollback is a victory for the Republican congressional and state leaders, American Farm Bureau Federation and industry groups.

In contrast, these waterways and wetlands need to be protected because, the water they provide helps local communities limit destruction from climate change weather fluctuations like droughts, floods and hurricanes.

David Ross, the assistant EPA administrator for water, revealed the Trump Administration looked primarily at court rulings rather than environmental impacts. This huge disregard on environmental effects will in return have huge repercussions including money for recovery. In addition to the brushed aside environmental impacts, Ross also acknowledged the administration did not consider the part waterways play to weaken the influence of climate change.

Did the Trump administration think at all before proposing the rollback?

No, like everything, all decisions made by the Trump administration are made purely for money and power; money and power that will come as soon as possible. But, when these ill-conceived plans blow up or catch on fire or dry up, literally, the money spent will be detrimental for America and the blame will ruin the already grim name of Trump.

They don’t think of the future, they don’t think of the environment. They don’t think of the farmers or the people. They only think of themselves and the weight of their own pockets and the glimmer of their crown.

The EPA Administrator, Andrew Wheeler speaks and rejoices after signing away the federal protections of numerous waterways and wetlands at the EPA head quarters. (Photo courtesy of Fox News.)