The unspoken rules of BHS

Knowing the rules is important.

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Knowing the rules is important.

The usual regulations keep everyone safe, alive, and other unimportant matters. However, the rules that hold value are those that are not established, the ones that are spread throughout the school by the students of each generation, the unspoken rules of Beaverton High School.

Pencil-Claiming Bylaws

If you find a pencil lying around, only claim it as yours if:

  1. The pencil is outside of a 10-foot radius of the person who dropped it.

  2. The pencil has no evidence linking back to the owner on the pencil itself (i.e a grip or some markings or patterns).

  3. The person who dropped it did not notice dropping it and does not ask for it back.

Try During Spirit Week

Going full-out and finding outfits for the different spirit weekdays may be a bit much for some people, but nobody ever said you had to make that big of an attempt. But it is Spirit Week, so show spirit during by using what you have in your closet to match the theme.

Don’t Think Erickson Has a Right Turn Lane

For the sake of everyone in that lineup sitting behind the stop sign on Erickson and 5th, don’t be the person thinking, “I’ll grind on the curb and fly by everyone on the right side. After all, I’m turning right.” You couldn’t have waited the extra minute it takes to get to the stop sign? It’s your fault for thinking Erickson was going to be traffic-free right after school got out. Wait like everyone else. You’re not special. Plus, you freak out the people in line when you nearly take out their side-view mirror.

Cheer or Go Home

If you show up to a game wearing blue when the theme was orange out, go home and get a new outfit. If you sit while the game is going on, go home and sit on the couch. If you talk with your friends the whole time, go home and FaceTime them. If you’re there just to take pictures with everyone else, go home and come back after the game. If you don’t join the chants, go home and learn them. If you don’t cheer, go home.

Don’t be Slow in the Hallways

You can and will be run over if you:

  1. Walk slowly.

  2. Stand still.

  3. Walk on the left side of the hallway.

  4. Walk in groups taking up the whole right side.

Senior Territory

If you are not a senior, don’t:

  1. Park in the senior lot.

  2. Sit near the edge in the upstairs cafeteria.

  3. Be at the front of the student section.