BOO! The 10 worst halloween costumes

Please don’t let the public see you wearing these.

by Braydon Iverson

Halloween is approaching fast, and some people are getting their last minute costume shopping done for the holiday. Running out of time, those people may look to just acquire any costume at all, merely for the sake of fitting in with the decorated crowd. Meanwhile, some few people in that crowd may have had a costume ready for display that should never have seen the light of day (or dark of Halloween night, more fittingly). Either way, there are some fairly lame, unoriginal, and just downright unorthodox costume ideas that the general public needs to avoid.

  1. Sheet Ghost

Image result for lame costumes

Ah yes, the “classic”, or the most basic costume of Halloween night. Can we put the over popularized poltergeist to rest? It’s cute for younger children to run around the house in bedding, it just looks more foolish the older they get.

2. “The Flash(er)”

Image result for censored costume

While being the most clever idea on this list, it still doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. You may think you’re pretty funny, until your explaining why you aren’t technically naked to every parent around you.

3. Blue and black/white and gold dress

Just when you thought the headache was over. This debate was dead from the moment it began, stop giving it avenues to resurface to the mainstream. I don’t discriminate as well, if someone managed to create a “Laurel/Yanny” costume I’d hate it just as much.

4. A T-shirt

Image result for t shirt costume

Really? You couldn’t do anything else? Run into bathroom, wrap yourself in toilet paper and call yourself a mummy, at least that’s something. This t-shirt just displays the fact that you’re willing to spend money to be boring.

5. Your job

Image result for mcdonalds uniform

It’s so easy it’s pretty much cheating. You wear this uniform pretty much everyday. Why would you want to wear it outside of work when you’re actually trying to enjoy life?

6. Minion

Image result for minion costumes

Oh look, another headache. These yellow annoyances were never that important and should never have been. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask why you chose to wear this to impress everybody at that party.

7. Blackface Anything

I really shouldn’t have to explain why you can’t do this. I’m not even including a picture of it. Just don’t do it.

8. Facebook

Image result for facebook costume

Very funny, you wrote book on your face. You’re so clever, you don’t even need a costume. We’re so proud.

9. Sports fan

Image result for sports fan

There’s a difference between having pride in the team you support and using them as an excuse for your lack of originality. The costume isn’t festive at all, unless you dressed up as a Cleveland Cavalier fan. That’s pretty terrifying.

10. A hashtag

Image result for hashtag costume

#Why did you think this was a good idea. #You dressed up as a symbol on a keyboard. #This might somehow be the worst idea on the list. #Please go change into something else.

Holding my hands up because I don’t why I ruined everyone’s night with my terrible costume.  Photo Courtesy of Cosmo


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