Oregon’s most interesting mascots

Here are some of the best mascots in Oregon. You won’t believe number 1!

By Brady Rogers brady.png

Mascot names are an important part of the identity of a school. By adding a little creativity to a name, it can transform the school and how it’s perceived. Here are the 10 best:

Beaverton Beavers: Now don’t think I’m biased simply because I go to Beaverton, but the beaver is easily the best mascot. Known for its ability to navigate both land and water, the beaver is an ideal animal because of its versatility within the wilderness. It creates dams to stop water flow and allows them to create a community of dens within the standing water. Fun fact, if you listen really closely to them as they build, they are whispering “community connects us.”

Bend Lava Bears: As the new teams are introduced to 6A, so are some of the best mascots within the state. The Lava Bears are easily one of the favorites. It sounds cool to say, LAVA BEARS. A set of words I’d never thought I’d hear, yet glad I did.

North Medford Black Tornado: The black tornado is unique, and I’m pretty sure may be the only school in the United States to own the name. Something about it is almost terrifying, maybe the black, maybe the tornado, maybe both. Not many schools have colors within the name which adds another unique twist to the traditional, boring names.

Sherwood Bowmen:  As the common theme has become more aware, creativity is the biggest factor in the creation of interesting mascots. The Bowmen exemplify just that, a unique twist and idea on what could have been a traditional idea. Rather than a simple name such as trailblazer or warrior, they add a new idea to their name.

Summit Storm: An alliteration is always interesting, but it gets even better because the name rolls off the tongue smoothly. Now I know you are probably saying it out loud, and quietly agreeing. The storm is similar to the Black Tornado, a unique twist that really stands out.

Crater Comets: The comets are easily one of the most original names, behind the black tornado. By using Crater, and establishing a common theme, it adds a layer of thinking to the mascot. Similar to a comet, their name is out of this world.

Gresham Gophers: Although a gopher as a mascot sounds silly, it’s actually quite a statement. Gresham is bold, and their ability to take such a small animal and twist it into a mascot is quite impressive. It adds an almost humorous effect to their school – whether intended or not – and is easily one of the top mascots in Oregon.

St Marys Blues: Not many schools claim the title of a type of music. The Blues, which do just that, pose a challenge in actually presenting their mascot. However, they more than make up for it with an interesting use of music in their mascot choice.

Roosevelt Roughriders: Within a league that includes Quakers and Demos, the Roughriders are the only intriguing mascot in the Portland Interscholastic League. It’s deep American history and ties with Theodore Roosevelt are distinct, as well as intimidating. Roosevelt would be proud.

Century Jaguars: Arguably the coolest animal within the animal kingdom, the jaguar is capable of turning heads. It’s a refreshing twist of the basic animal names like Lions or Wildcats. Although Century sports may not be that intimidating, at least their mascots exhibit some.

The greatest mascot in Oregon and some may say, the world. (Photo courtesy of @beavertonbeavers Twitter).

  1. Astoria Fisherman or
    Tillamook Cheesemakers?



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