Super and sucky commercials from the big game

It’s not everyday the Super Bowl is on. Here are the best and worst ads.

By Brady Rogers brady.png & Patrick Evans patrick.png

Year in and year out, many of us care about the commercials airing at the Super Bowl rather than the actual game. Although this year the game was quite interesting, we still managed to enjoy the commercials. Here are the three best and worst advertisements from this year’s big game:

The Best:

Budweiser “Stand by you”

There’s nothing better than an emotional and heart wrenching commercial to get the tears flowing during the Super Bowl. The Budweiser ad was nothing short of that, showing the impact they’ve made on the community. It showed good publicity, and was a positive advertisement from the traditional ‘funny’ beer commercial (see worst ads to understand more). To top it off, Skylar Grey’s cover to Stand by Me was the final touch to make anybody watching a little emotional.

“Doritos Blaze v. Mountain Dew Ice”

A lip sync battle is always quite funny, however, this one was much different. Using top name actors – Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage – they approached each other while singing songs opposite to what was expected. Peter Dinklage, a smaller guy, rapped a Busta Rhymes verse, that recites roughly 100 words per minute. It was actually pretty impressive if you asked me. Morgan Freeman took the Missy Elliot approach, singing a Missy Elliot classic, Get your freak on. The irony of the songs chosen, mixed with top name celebrities, made the commercial funny from start to finish.

NFL Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr dance

The build-up to the big dance number was quite confusing. Two short commercials that occurred throughout the first half were ambiguous and left the audience concerned. However, the confusion didn’t last long, and it was finally figured out that an end zone celebration was going to occur. The addition of the linemen and the complexity of the dance moves added a humongous comedic effect. To finish it off, Odell Beckham Jr. flew in the air and landed in the arms of Eli Manning, to the sound of Dirty Dancing. The deliberate use of commercials beforehand along with an extensive choreographed dance, meant for a funny twist on the idea of touchdown celebrations.

The Worst:

Hyundai Cures Cancer

Oh boy. This ad is straight up traumatic. Just what everyone likes, going through the TSA only for you to be taken away to another room because the metal detector you’re passing through goes off. Then, you get greeted by a cancer patient who thanks you for saving their life by buying a Hyundai. Even though it’s obviously fake, man this is painful to watch. People don’t buy your cars for that reason Hyundai, they make a decision for their own selfish interests like the rest of us. Idiots.

Ram “Built to Serve”

Some people were super offended by Ram’s use of an MLK speech to promote their cars. I only thought that it was moderately offensive. (I’m still not sure whether they got permission from his estate or not). The reason Ram appears here is their total lack of awareness of what MLK said regarding consumerism and specifically car companies like them. “Now the presence of this instinct explains why we are so often taken by advertisers, you know, those gentlemen of massive verbal persuasion. And they have a way of saying things to you that kind of gets you into buying. In order to be a man of distinction, you must drink this whiskey. In order to make your neighbors envious, you must drive this type of car.” What are the odds they just looked up “MLK speech about service”? All too high.

Bud Knight

The ‘Dilly Dilly’ ads have been more polarizing than our politics in the past few months, but I thought that it while stupid, it was also kind of funny. The first half of the commercial seemed along those lines with the King leading his troops into battle in a hopeless situation. The one that followed absolutely sucked. The appearance of the Bud Knight who disregards their struggle for a six-pack before magically lifting his sword into the air and sterilizing all of their foes fell flat on its face, though it produced a perfect analogy for Bud Light: Incredibly stupid and always leaving you unsatisfied.

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman in a major stare down. (Photo courtesy of

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