Stuck in eternal cycle of student loan payments: college kids’ struggle

When choosing a college to further your education at, it’s impossible to ignore the colossal debt you are about to accumulate.

By Noe Lambert noe.png

At eighteen years of age, high school students are expected to determine the rest of their lives. We are expected to choose one of the many overpriced colleges or universities our nation offers while inheriting the debt that comes along with it. And does the education we’re paying so much money for even get us a good enough job to help us pay off these loans?

Senior Nina Hambleton stated, “I think it’s ironic that they’re going to make me pay for a school that’s not even going to pay off my student debt.” Many of the acclaimed academic schools in our nation are overwhelmingly overpriced, which makes sense because they better your education and job opportunities. But what job could ever help us pay off $200,000, while also being a homeowner and supporting our families? It’s virtually impossible unless you win the lottery or suddenly inherit a large sum of money from an unknown relative.

You grow up your whole life looking forward to attending college and awaiting its mysterious glory. However, when the long-awaited time rolls around for you to pick this college, the experience is much more depressing than it is uplifting. You would think that discussing and planning your future was an exciting event, but all I see when I think of mine are grey skies and insurmountable debt.

I personally don’t want to live the rest of my life scraping by and paying off student loans until I’m fifty. Is a sufficient education too much to ask for without the huge price sticker? Federal Aid doesn’t help with much for most people. Sure, your parents are making enough money to survive, but they most likely won’t be paying for your education! The burden will fall on you, and you only. It’s also extremely difficult to receive full-ride scholarships or scholarships that make a dent in your payments. Almost every person heading towards college understands, we want to further our education. BUT, we don’t want to spend all of our life’s earnings on it to the point where we can never even own a house!

This is an incredibly stressful point in every senior’s academic journey, we are beginning the first step to the rest of our lives. It doesn’t help when, after looking at the colleges’ financial packages, we are thrown into a pit of despair and dread for the future. “I would just like to be able to attend a good college without being in lots of debt for the rest of my life,” gushed senior Megan Dunlap.

We are not asking that our educations be completely free, but some of the prices they stand at today are completely irrational. You can’t expect seventeen and eighteen-year-old students to sign away their lives to an eternity of monthly payments for four years of a general education.

Students are weighed down for their whole lives with the burden of debt accumulated during college. (Photo courtesy of

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