Sun, sun, go away–grey skies are here to stay


STV News

These Portlandians are ecstatic over the rainfall Portland finally experienced, and are ready for cloudy days and chilly nights.

The unbearable stretch of heat, sweat, and sunshine is finally over for the people of Portland. We sustained a 92-day streak of temperatures hanging at 70 degrees and above. Since June 17th, we have survived in a muggy, boiling environment that I was getting sick of. Sunday, September 17 was the magical day that broke the stretch. Rain finally fell and filled the air with its distinguished aroma, and the brisk air brought a joy incomparable to any other.

Our legs will no longer stick to plastic chairs when we sit on them wearing shorts. Sweat won’t drip from our sweltering bodies from completing a task as simple as walking up the stairs. This disgusting span of humidity is over at last, and I’m here to celebrate it.

Most people don’t live in Oregon because they enjoy spending their days basking in the sun or wearing shorts year-round. People come to Oregon to experience the heavy rainfall we experience every year and the breathtaking nature that we have to offer. Oregonians are accustomed to sporting raincoats and boots, and that’s how we want it to stay. This heat was getting tiresome, especially since it was already halfway through September, a month known for its transition from warm summer temperatures to chilly autumn weather.

Say goodbye, Portlanders, to the sizzling sun and moist air, and hello to the delightful grey skies and rainfall that we adore. We got through the duration of this summer weather and made it out alive. I, for one, am excited about the changing leaves, refreshing rainfall, and cool days that occupy the fall season. We are back to what we know best, so you better break out your raincoats and umbrellas and get ready for a great finale to 2017.