Masanga jumps for joy as he breaks school record–twice!


Jean MacTarnahan

Friday, April 28th, Masanga clears 15’6″ at the annual Twilight Relays at Jesuit to beat the Beaverton school record.

Last Friday, Jesuit held their annual Nike Twilight Relay track & field competition. With state and districts coming up in the next couple of weeks, Beaverton athletes have stepped up their game as the final stretch approaches.

One athlete, senior Braden Masanga, broke the school record in pole vaulting. After clearing the same height for multiple meets, Masanga defeated the Beaverton record that was held for the past 38 years.

“It felt good,” Masanga said. “It was exciting because I went through a slump where I just cleared 14’6” for like five meets in a row. It felt really good to finally break through.”

For the past three years, after breaking his arm his freshman year, Masanga has been working hard at pole vaulting. Though he received an offer from PSU, he is unsure where he will attend university next year.

“If I don’t clear 16 feet or higher, then I’ll probably go to PSU and pole vault there, but I’m still trying to see if I get an offer from somewhere else.”

With states and districts coming up in the next couple of weeks, Masanga is confident in his abilities. Masanga managed to PR 11 inches in one meet, so it’s more than possible that he can clear 16’— a goal that is only six inches away.