Jesuit hands off QB Alex Brown to Beaverton

Senior Alex Brown transferred from Jesuit to Beaverton for his last year of high school. The varsity football team is lucky enough to have him as their starting quarterback this year.

By Noe Lambert

Beaverton High School has welcomed senior, Alex Brown, not only to the school this fall, but the varsity football team. Brown was a student at Jesuit his first three years of high school, one of Beaverton’s biggest competitors. However, Brown was prompted to become a Beaver his last year of high school because he felt Beaverton’s football program was a better fit for him. The 6’5” senior snagged the role as starting quarterback this season, contributing to the Beavers’ two victories over West Linn and Battleground.

Entering a new high school and securing a role on the starting lineup may seem intimidating, especially if you’re a senior. However, Brown has felt completely accepted by his new teammates. From the minute he was introduced to the Beaverton Football Program, Brown felt as though he had been there a lifetime. The quarterback stated, “Even though I have only known these boys for three months, it feels like I have been playing with them for four years”.

Brown has been playing football since he was in second grade, but also plays baseball and has participated in track in previous years. His favorite part of the contact sport is the competitiveness that it provokes within himself and his teammates. The starting quarterback has expressed his appreciation for how the team is so tightly knit, welcoming, and supportive compared to past experiences. As for Beaverton High School as a whole, Brown is amazed at the friendliness and strong community presence that he experiences on a daily basis.

The new senior is enthusiastic for the Beavers’ upcoming Metro season. “Our goal is to win a state championship this year,” he claimed, “And I’m hopeful that we will be able to accomplish it”. With Brown’s winning attitude and the rest of his talented teammates to back him up, the students of Beaverton High School are confident as well. Beaverton is glad to welcome Brown into our community and we’re pleased he can share his senior year with us.

Senior Alex Brown transfers to Beaverton High and achieves a spot as starting quarterback on the varsity football team, leading our school to two victories. (Photo courtesy of Noe Lambert).

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