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The Official Website of Beaverton High School's Student-Run Newspaper

Beaverton Hummer

The Official Website of Beaverton High School's Student-Run Newspaper

Beaverton Hummer

A malfunctioning Zoom meeting interrupts a teacher as a dog barks in the background and phone buzzes on their desk. Teachers have met many challenges this year as they adjust to teaching online.

Beaverton teachers persist through distance learning

Anouk Clendenning December 16, 2020

When school closed on March 13, Beaverton Spanish and AVID teacher Kellie Rosenberger had no idea that it would be the last time she’d see her students in person that year. And with cases of COVID-19...

A TEDx event is coming to Beaverton High School this spring

TEDx at Beaverton High School

Beatrice Kahn October 13, 2020

Covering topics ranging from biology to personal empowerment, TED Talks have become an educational staple. They are shown in classrooms throughout Beaverton High School and are watched by millions...

Beaverton student receives response from ODE about pass-fail system

Beaverton student receives response from ODE about pass-fail system

April 22, 2020

Compiled by the Hummer Staff Recently, BHS sophomore Colin Fowler reached out to the ODE concerning the new Pass/Fail grading system, and got a response from their director, Colt Gill. The letter...

A student delves into math at home.

Make the most of your online learning

Natalie Foote April 1, 2020

Every day, updates come in regarding how long closures will last. Recently, several sources, including The Oregonian, have announced that schools are unlikely to open again until the next school year....

A graph shows how protective measures can reduce the number of cases, therefore not overwhelming the healthcare system.

How the government should have flattened the curve

Natalie Foote March 31, 2020

The phrase “flatten the curve” is all over the media. In theory, it’s a simple concept: if everyone cuts contact, COVID-19 cases will flatten out and slowly fade away without a massive death toll....

Kate Brown, Oregon Secretary of State, addresses service members, families and dignitaries in attendance at the Demobilization Ceremony for the 142nd Fighter Wing Civil Engineer Squadron and Security Forces Squadron at the Portland Air National Guard Base, Ore., Dec. 7, 2014. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. John Hughel, 142nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs/Released)

Oregon Governor Brown introduces new statewide measures on COVID-19 pandemic

Anouk Clendenning March 16, 2020

Today, Governor Kate Brown made it clearer than ever that people should remain at home as COVID-19 continues its lethal world tour. With the first COVID-19-related death in Oregon occurring only two days...

Bags of food line a hallway at Beaverton High School.

Beaverton community steps up to help as coronavirus prompts school closures

Anouk Clendenning March 16, 2020

With schools having shut down until at least April 1, students relying on these institutions for food may find themselves in trouble. Thankfully, the Beaverton community is here to help. Here are some...

A woman encourages others to vote at Pioneer Square in Portland, OR.

Rise up and vote, BHS

Natalie Foote February 29, 2020

The 2020 presidential election is just around the corner, on November 3rd. With it, the discussion regarding voter turnout resurfaces. According to the US Census Bureau, in the 2018 presidential election,...

Rain washes away student happiness

Rain washes away student happiness

Chace Fery January 26, 2018

Out with the fall, and in with the winter season. Living in Oregon is surely no walk in the park. If you know a thing or two about the state, a true Oregonian is no stranger to the rain. But with rain...

A delicious marionberry pie. 

There’s a secret behind Oregon’s state pie

Kathryn Burris October 26, 2017

As the weeks get shorter and the weather gets colder, celebrate with the best fall food ever: pie. But not just any pie will do. In the past few weeks, an exciting Oregon legislature has been passed to...

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