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Comic: Types of people on Zoom (part 1)

Comic: Types of people on Zoom (part 1)

Ayame McCarthy, Graphic Artist October 15, 2020

This box of twelve features chocolate chip, peanut butter and jelly, dirt cake, churro, and s’mores cookies.

Crumbl Cookies: The new treat in town

Beatrice Kahn, Editor March 5, 2020
A sweet investment in Cedar Hills
Bargartens ambiance is inviting, matching the quality of its food.

Bargarten: an A+ in the foodbook

Eleanor Teals Kahn, Staff Writer February 14, 2020
Bargarten has it all
Every burger is topped with bacon and served with signature Killer Burger fries.

Killer Burger has finally arrived in Beaverton

Chace Fery and Connor Patrick March 21, 2019
Head over and check out the newest burger joint in the Beav, located at Cedar Hills Crossing
Bigs Chicken offers a plethora of chicken-related meals

Big’s Chicken is a big score

Chace Fery, Staff Writer November 30, 2018
Recently opened by Food networks very own winner of Chopped, Big’s chicken never fails to disappoint!
The Oregon and Milk + T design inside the new boba shop in Beaverton

A boba-licious start to the school year

Cooper Graham, Staff Writer September 10, 2018
Prepare to get #bobawasted at the new Milk + T
The BG Food Cartel is bustling with people wanting to try out the new food attractions.

‘Join the Cartel’ at Beaverton’s first ever food truck pod

Amanda Piril, Staff Writer March 2, 2018
With 31 different options available, you'll be sure to find something you like at this food pod.
The Thai Hi-5 restaurant

Thai Hi-Five: a review

Mercedes Gray-Davis, Staff Writer February 13, 2018
Placed on Broadway Street in downtown Beaverton is one of the quaintest and authentic Thai joints in town. Serving quality favorites, Thai Hi-Five is a must-go for a quick and delicious lunch.
A delicious marionberry pie. 

There’s a secret behind Oregon’s state pie

Kathryn Burris, Staff Writer October 26, 2017
The marionberry pie is a classic, and has recently been upgraded to Oregon royalty. The Hummer staff is here to give it a taste.
A nice, yummy, homemade bowl of chili.

Cold weather, hot food, warm tummy

Brady Rogers and Patrick Evans October 26, 2017
Suggestions for comforting offerings that fit the season.
This new Japanese bakery has delicious treats worth trying out.

Behold the curry donut: Oyatsupan review

Anika Matsumoto and Kimaia Gassner May 2, 2017
Located off of Walker Road in Beaverton, Oyatsupan, a new scratch bakery is serving authentic Western Japanese fusion pastries. Oyatsupan derives from the conjunction of “Oyatsu” meaning afternoon snack and “Pan” meaning bread.
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