‘Time’s up’ to start boycotting all the Woody Allens

This year’s Golden Globes was take over by a wave of black fashion. Times Up, a movement started this January to bring awareness to sexual abuse, assault and harassment in the workplace. Female celebrities wore black dresses, while the men sported ‘Time’s Up’ pins on their jackets. But how does this change anything? What are celebrities actively doing to support and make change?

New coach scores big for girls basketball team

Get to know our new amazing girls' varsity basketball coach, Kathy Adelman Naro, and how she came to be a member of the Beaverton High School family.

Beavers battle against first in state, rival school Southridge

This was the most anticipated game in the Metro League. A young, talented team on the come-up facing their well-known rivals.

Hope-ful new club arises

Club Hope is a new club at Beaverton that plans to support the growing number of homeless students at the high school through finding permanent housing, and further supporting current projects that are already happening at the school.

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