Why you should join wrestling this year

By: Sylvia Amaguer Everyone has their own opinion on what sport is the hardest. Some say football: you have to tackle people, defend a ball, and fight to the end zone. Others say it’s dance or figure skating because of the sheer amount of self-discipline and work that must be put into the sport. But ...


I can consistently and accurately identify why the proficiency grading system fails students

By: Natalie Foote Grading day. After a week of exhausting finals, grades pour in, and students start to wonder: “What did I get on that math test? How will it affect my grade? How will my teacher grade my work and average the scores?” All of these questions and more run through students’ minds on ...


It’s time for students and staff to reconnect

By: Melody Cosgrove Recently, students and faculty at Beaverton High have expressed concerns that our school administrators are out of touch with the student body. Given the constant stream of advisories and assemblies during Beaver Lodge, it’s not surprising. We’ve all had that moment where we walk into Beaver Lodge, ready to either slack off ...

Finding a value in times of need

The circumstances bringing us together are more important than those that set us apart

AP Testing: The College Tuition Loophole

The tips and tricks to earning a 5

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