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The real cost of college

It's not pretty


Whether you were excited for the before prom pictures and dinner, the dance itself, the moments after with friends, or didn’t go at all, prom makes up one of the larger pillars of the “senior year experience,” if not the traditional high school experience altogether.

Spring Break? More like Spring broke

A CityPASS makes Seattle all the more amazing as a vacation spot

Why Donald Trump is necessary for American Democracy

Despite the contentiousness of the political fires that have been stoked between work colleagues, neighbors, and even high school students, this new America — one where all its citizens are engaged and responsive to its Government — has been the dream of our Founding Fathers. We [or the populous, at least] are fulfilling our role in American Democracy.

Get out and see this awe-inspiring thriller

After leaving the theaters, rarely there are movies that leave the audience in awe. The movie Get Out did just that, and exceeded its already high expectations by using strong acting, a powerful topic, and pace to keep the audience engaged. It was the perfect platform to highlight being black in America, and how it shouldn't be ignored.