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New math program carries problems—and is here to stay

The new AGS program changes everything

Prom voting 2017: recount verifies tied election for Intellect and Renaissance positions

Due to the remarkable circumstance surrounding Prom and the students elected to category of Intellect and Renaissance, the validity of whether or not the voting was fair, was called into question.

The Next AP Class is in Town!

Move over Beaver Lodge, there's a new guy in town. And he’s got college credit to back him up. That’s right, AP Study Hall (APSL, for short) will be the newest edition to the advanced placement family.

Bold for change

On March 8, women around the world celebrate themselves, their bodies, their power, their courage and to stand united with one another. Around the world, women get recognized for their accomplishments. It’s no secret that women have faced social, economic and political disadvantages just for being a women, and this day was meant to challenge that.

Forecasting: do’s and don’ts

Forecasting sheets are due soon and many students are still indecisive about what classes they will take next year. There are all sorts of classes for you to choose from, from marketing classes to music classes and to the basic math, reading and science classes.