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Trump’s wall keeps the economy out

The proposed wall that pres. Donald J. Trump signed for on January 25 does not only seal out desperate immigrants, but it prevents an economic boom. The wall, which is supposed to cover over 1000 miles of border between the US and Mexico, will cost tens of billions of dollars; not to mention the extra 10,000 immigration officers which may cost anywhere from $700 million to $1.4 billion.

Trump targets muslims, refugees with executive order

President Donald Trump has already created a wave of controversy after signing a ‘muslim ban,’ last Friday.

Anti-Trump protests take on streets of Portland

Following the results of the presidential election, unrest spread across the nation with numerous cities taking a stand to protest the results.

Technology for the holidays – a review of the newest tech

Would you like a headphone jack with that, sir? Or perhaps a waterproof screen? How about the latest and greatest laptop? Whether you are in need of new technology or just want the latest and greatest, we have you covered with laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets for the upcoming holiday bonanza.

Are students overloading themselves for nothing?

Students throughout the years have always traditionally taken these heavier course loads, but for what reason?