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Re”lax,” boys’ lacrosse will bounce back

The 2016 state champions boys’ lacrosse team is working hard to make it back to the top of Metro and rank high in the state. After the 2016 season, the Beavers lost key players such as Matt Hockman, Nate Oekerman, and Carter Olson. The beginning of the year looked promising for the Beavers with seniors Raphael Bittar, Nate Johnnie, and Mitchell Senour manning the field. Unfortunately, in the first game of the season, Nate Johnnie tore his ACL to end his season early.

Spring Break? More like Spring broke

A CityPASS makes Seattle all the more amazing as a vacation spot

Prom voting 2017: recount verifies tied election for Intellect and Renaissance positions

Due to the remarkable circumstance surrounding Prom and the students elected to category of Intellect and Renaissance, the validity of whether or not the voting was fair, was called into question.

Beaverton track & field blows everyone away at Newberg Invitational

At the first invitational meet of the season, Beaverton Track and Field made a big impression in Newberg. There were many personal and season records made during this event and all of the competitors are ready to continue to improve as the season progresses. The weather conditions during the meet were far from perfect. All of the athletes were fighting off strong winds and heavy rain from the moment the first event began, but many persevered.

Why Donald Trump is necessary for American Democracy

Despite the contentiousness of the political fires that have been stoked between work colleagues, neighbors, and even high school students, this new America — one where all its citizens are engaged and responsive to its Government — has been the dream of our Founding Fathers. We [or the populous, at least] are fulfilling our role in American Democracy.