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Understanding the impact of social groups

As teenagers going through high school, many students feel the need to fit in with a crowd.

The true horror of Halloween: cultural appropriation

With limitless costume options, many people still dress offensively. Before you think “here we go again,” answer this: have you ever dressed in costume portraying a particular culture or race?

Get Smart: take a look behind the curtain of Beaverton’s theater department

Slowly but surely, Beaverton Theatre Department’s first production Get Smart is coming together. We see it on the stage opening night November 15th, but what happens before the curtains go up?

Why the Oregonian should have endorsed a presidential candidate: Editorial Endorsement 2016

One of the most accredited publications in the state, The Oregonian, recently published their candidate endorsement for the 2016 election.

Water polo throwing themselves into playoffs

The water polo team is excited and ready for playoffs.