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March for all, not for one

I’ve protested in many different forms, on several occasions, whether it be through the newspaper or in my life. Although this act of minor demonstration has become a part of my routine, never have I been a part of a movement as momentous and massive as the Portland Women’s March. Being around thousands of people who value equality and love enough to march for it, not only brought me comfort in this time of despair, but also a deeper appreciation for the “blue” state we live in.

Trump’s Wall keeps the economy out

The proposed wall that pres. Donald J. Trump signed for on January 25 does not only seal out desperate immigrants, but it prevents an economic boom. The wall, which is supposed to cover over 1000 miles of border between the US and Mexico, will cost tens of billions of dollars; not to mention the extra 10,000 immigration officers which may cost anywhere from $700 million to $1.4 billion.

Thoughts on the ban, political buzz and Orwell

It is becoming abundantly clear that this President of the United States is not ‘all bark and no bite’. Since officially taking office the Friday before last, on the 20th, President Trump has pushed the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (which you should know by now is the same thing as Obamacare), doubled border patrol numbers, given a green light for the construction of his ‘yuge’ wall, administered a communication blackout in the scientific community, and banned immigration from seven nations.

Girls basketball swoops their first win against the Warriors

After being rescheduled due to snow hazards, Beaverton girls basketball faced the Aloha Warriors on Thursday, January 19th for their fifth metro league game of the season. As they entered the court on Aloha’s home turf, the Beaverton girls were feeling exceptionally hyped up, giving the atmosphere a particular electric air.

Trump targets muslims, refugees with executive order

President Donald Trump has already created a wave of controversy after signing a ‘muslim ban,’ last Friday.