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Carson Crawford tackles the title

Carson Crawford is going for the touchdown; he's running the ball; touchdown Crawford! Football player Carson Crawford is a senior this year and doing his all to make this season his best.

How It’s Made: Homecoming assembly (+ video)

It’s twelve o’clock, the night before the Homecoming assembly, and while the majority of the student body are snug in their beds, the members of Student Leadership are busy at work in the school gym.

Future pirate scores some gold

Seton Hall-bound senior earns metro league praise. Cassy Harrigan is a successful athlete at BHS who has received praise for her strong soccer skills. This year, her talent was awarded with a first team all metro league title.

Ask not what veganism can do for you, but what you can do for veganism

Chances are you have seen the punny posters around Beaverton that use vegetables as the butt of their jokes: “Be upbeet - Join Veggie Club!” But whose faces are behind the signs and what is Veggie Club?

Lights, camera, action! Beaver Broadcast steals the spotlight

However, it's important that students are aware of what's happening within their schools. That's why sophomore, Payton Major is bringing "Beaver Broadcast" to Beaverton.