A surprisingly simple way to attack Junior year

An insider’s guide to the cruel punishment that is junior year

by Brady Rogers, Opinion

As Junior year winds down and the pressures of standardized testing and overthinking colleges grinds to a halt, it’s almost as if stress is lifted. However, incoming sophomores are next in line. Here are a few pointers from a former junior to help get through the difficult year.

To get through all of the stress and pressure of classes it’s important to have a strong base. Sleeping at a decent time every night – and staying consistent – can increase motivation and lower irritability of students. When getting decent sleep, it doesn’t mean getting up five minutes before school, throwing on the clothes nearest to the bed, and rushing out the door.

Also make sure to get a breakfast, whether as small as a banana or as big as a full course meal, a breakfast goes a long way. It starts the morning off right and allows for a better, more energizing day.

Next on the list, prioritize your classes! For example, workload and effort towards AP Environmental science is going to be way larger than Photography. When you go home, do homework and study for the classes that have the most importance, and complete them first.

That doesn’t mean blow off the classes that seem easier, but understand the classes that may require more work. Focus on the courses that may cause trouble to grades, and try to complete all the work on time with understanding of what is being written.

The scariest to most, standardized testing. They seem daunting, but planning them out ahead of time and planning on studying a month in advance helps relieve test stress. Both ACT and SAT have multiple retake opportunities, so do not stress if the first time isn’t up to par.

Lastly, avoid premature senioritis at all costs. Do not push off work and procrastinate. It’s the biggest threat to grades, and you’ve come so far to fall short. It’s okay to take breaks for mental health, but don’t push a project off until ‘tomorrow’, and then forget until the night before. Junior year may be the hardest, but getting through it ensures an easier senior year with more fun.

If it’s one thing that can’t be emphasized enough, it’s to not stress. Take a deep breath, and understand that everyone around you is also going through Junior year. It helps to know that you’re not alone.

The majority of Juniors’ faces on the first day of school (Photo courtesy Frankhurt International School Herald)

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