Month: February 2018

Super and sucky commercials from the big game

It's not every day that the Super Bowl is on. Here are the best and worst ads of this year's game.

Oh Fudge! It’s Almost Valentine’s Day

Looking for gift ideas? There’s no sugar-coating in these candy reviews. This article is a lifesaver when it comes to Valentine’s Day candy shopping.

Thai Hi-Five: a review

Placed on Broadway Street in downtown Beaverton is one of the quaintest and authentic Thai joints in town. Serving quality favorites, Thai Hi-Five is a must-go for a quick and delicious lunch.

“Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” review: the comedy of the season

This blockbuster sequel had big shoes to fill… and it didn’t disappoint!

Senioritis or depression? Same thing.

Senioritis becomes a big topic as finals approach, yet the made-up illness only seems to be symptoms of something more serious.